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Call Assistant CTI for Sugar supercharges your workflows in sales and service and deeply integrates telephony with Sugar with just a few clicks.

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Talk with the built-in softphone​


Make and receive calls from everywhere with the built-in softphone. You are not bound to certain phone devices or locations anymore. Call Assistant CTI is ready to go without a complicated setup.

Know, who's calling


See a business card view of the contacts who are calling. Call Assistant CTI opens the caller’s contact profile in Sugar touchlessly. Start the conversation with a warm personal welcome.

Get a clear view on your missed calls


See all your missed calls and voice messages in a clear view. Call back with one click. Listen to your voicemails in your browser. Open the contact profile or account profile in Sugar with one click. Create or edit call notes wit

Dial out with a single click


Call a contact with one click from Sugar. Typing or copy & pasting phone numbers manually is a thing of yesterday.

Let calls be logged automatically


Let calls be logged into Sugar automatically. If the phone number is available in your Sugar, the call log is related to a matching contact. Call Assistant CTI takes over tedious protocol processing for you.

Follow-up like a pro


Create a follow-up activity in Sugar after a phone call, without tediously switching back and forth.

Always be on top of scheduled calls


Stay on top of your calls scheduled in Sugar. Use a specially optimised view for pending outbound calls to make them efficient.

Stay focused calling contacts down a list


Tired of starting every single scheduled call manually? The Power Dialer feature is great for all who want to make a large number of calls to a large number of CRM contacts. It saves time and helps you to stay focused on the job.

Adapt Call Assistant CTI


Create custom logic rules to adapt Call Assistant CTI to your specific needs.

View calls in Slack

The Slack bot shows you the call history directly in Slack. Callback? One click in Slack! See contact details and history in Sugar? One click in Slack! Need to check missed call notifications with call group members? Follow-up in the corresponding Slack channel.

Experience outstanding support

We resolve issues quickly so you’ll be more productive. We make it easy and we are 100% focused on our customers’ success.

Features at a Glance

Funktion Standard Advanced
Sugar integration – Call Assistant CTI integrates into Sugar workflows with just a few clicks. Many functions automate your work processes and enable you to communicate better with your customers. ✓️
Making a phone call with the built-in softphone – Talk in the best voice quality. Features like call transfer, presence indicator and Do-not-Disturb time make you more productive. ✓️
Automatic call logging – Let incoming and outgoing calls be logged directly in Sugar including voicemails and call recordings. Eliminate manual data entry and get a complete overview of all customer interactions, so you and your team can learn from the data. ✓️
1-Click-to-Dial – Dial the target contact with a single click on the phone number in Sugar. ✓️
Caller identification – Know who is calling before you pick up the phone and see their contact details. ✓️
Follow-up assistant – Create a follow-up activity after a phone call without having to switch to your Sugar. ✓️
Individual call notes – Create individual notes while you are on the phone. Let Call Assistant CTI automatically link the notes with the matching CRM records (lead, contact, account, deal or ticket) . ✓️
Call history – View all past calls in a clearly arranged view. Recognize what belongs together through intelligent colour coding. Filter your calls by different criteria. Edit past calls directly in the history view. ✓️
Missed calls and voicemail – See missed calls and voicemail. Call back with one click or listen to your voicemails from the Call Assistant CTI app or from Slack. ✓️
Scheduled calls – Get the upper hand on your scheduled calls. Use a view optimised for outbound actions to efficiently handle pending calls. ✓️
Custom call result list – Standardise the documentation of call results. Create a custom selection list and improve the evaluation of your activities. ✓️
Comprehensive compatibility – Call Assistant CTI is compatible on popular desktop operating systems (Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux) and web browsers (with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox). ✓️
Business class support – Super personal support directly from the makers of Call Assistant CTI. ✓️
Power dialer – Create a list of the day’s planned call activities with one click. Start dialling this call list with a second click. The next call starts when you have finished taking notes of the previous call. -
Logic rules – Create custom logic rules to adapt Call Assistant CTI, e.g. map specific data structures of Sugar. -


  • Desktop app: Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS (latest update of maintained releases)
  • Click-to-dial extension: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (latest release update)
  • VOIP telephony systems: supported VoiP/SIP PBX systems
  • SugarCRM: Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve and supported releases of Sugar Enterprise
  • Network: optimized for VoIP telephony


  • Standard plan: €9.95 seat/month
  • Advanced plan: €14.95 seat/month

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