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Provide your Sugar users with powerful document generation features that simplify and automate the creation, delivery and storage of data-driven documents.

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Generate and Deliver Better Documents Faster

Experlogix Smart Flows is your complete solution for document automation. Take document automation to the next level and aggregate Sugar data with data that lives elsewhere or user input, generate engaging and consistent documents based on smart templates. Run flows that store, retrieve and deliver generated documents to their relevant recipients through a variety of channels. And the best thing... you can do all of this without ever leaving Sugar.

Use Experlogix Smart Flow’s Template Builder for Microsoft Word to create document templates with placeholders for data insertion, conditional content and formatting, auto-expanding lists and tables, calculations, dynamic charts, images, barcodes, hyperlinks, document inserts, and much more. All through intuitive commands and configurations.

Use Experlogix Smart Flow’s Flow Builder to visually design your company’s document output processes with more than thirty prebuilt flow steps that can be combined conditionally to accommodate even the most complex document flows. It’s just a matter of organizing blocks to:

  • collect and aggregate data,
  • generate, convert, secure and optimize documents,
  • start approval and redlining processes,
  • deliver electronic and print versions of your documents,
  • start e-signature ceremonies with any of the leading e-sign providers,
  • store generated and signed documents in Sugar, in Content Manager, or on a Fileserver

Use Experlogix' Smart Forms to design complex web forms that capture user input from your Sugar users or send out personalized links to let customers and other stakeholders complete forms anonymously.

Send Quotes and Store in Sugar

Start a flow execution from one or more records of any Sugar module 2023-02-01 15_50_37-Quotes » SugarCRM - Commercial Open Source CRM.png

Design document flows with the visual flow builder experience 2023-02-01 17_14_00-PNG File viewer _ Microsoft Teams.png

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Compatible with Sugar Sell, Serve and Enterprise. Supports latest Sugar version 13.0.

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