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Managing customer interactions within Sugar just got a whole lot easier and more efficient. With the SugarCRM Zoom Phone Integration by Faye, you can enjoy seamless blending of telephony technology directly within Sugar.

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Say Goodbye to Manual Calls with Zoom Phone + SugarCRM

Designed to enhance productivity, this integration ensures every call—whether dialed or received —is automatically logged in Sugar, allowing for better analytics, enhanced communication, and more effective lead management.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Productivity: Simplify operations with "Click to Dial" and "Automatic Screen Pop," which display relevant customer information during calls, eliminating the need for application switching and manual data entry.
  • Accountability and Tracking: Continuously log and store call data for effective communication tracking, enhancing managerial oversight and refining performance strategies.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Analyze interaction patterns and impact through comprehensive call logs within Sugar to support informed decision and business growth.

What You Get

  • Direct Dialing with Click to Dial: Users can initiate phone calls directly from SugarCRM with a single click on any out-of-the-box or custom phone number field in any module.
  • Enhanced Call Receiving with Automated Data Retrieval: When receiving calls, the system automatically links the caller’s phone number to an existing lead, contact, or account record for accurate tracking of the interaction.
  • Automatic Call Logging: Upon completion of all outbound and inbound calls, interactions can be automatically logged using the prefilled call record.


Users will require an active Zoom Phone account. If you’re not an active Zoom user, we can help you get started!


Introductory pricing is $1999/year. See here for more information.

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