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Administrators can copy dashboards from any user to any number of users, teams, or roles. Save time logging in as individual users to set up their dashboards.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4153 Dashboard Copy manager Doesn't Work - The dashboard is copying over in Sugar 8 but none of the rules are coming over with it. jdayan1 Open Bug?
#4146 Version 2.06 does not load and crashes - We recently upgraded from version 7.9 to 8.0 we need to load the [Version 1.8] Sugar 8 loader comp bacpartners Open Bug?
#3912 Deploy filters of dashlet too - Hi, I have a question...after deployment of the dashboards... Could the user modify the filters o redk - Professional Services BCN In Progress Feature
#3831 SugarCRM Ondemand 8.0.0 failed upgrade to 8.1.0 - Hi, Our customer is using Dashboard Copy Manager 1.7.0 and the upgrade to 8.1.0 has failed the he Evolution Marketing Open Bug?
#3552 Unable to upgrade on ondemand - Hi, we received notification from Sugar that the customer system that we are trialling this tool on Sugabyte In Progress Bug?
#3530 Deploying specific dashboards & not overwriting users existing setup - We need a way to deploy out specific dashboards, filters, etc to a user, set of users or team withou chris15 In Progress Feature
#3493 Install stuck on 80% - I am getting the attached error when installing on On-Premise installation (version Please ShutterMasterPro Closed Installation
#3338 Trial cancel - Please cancel auto purchase as this didnt work for us. nleoncio Closed General Question
#3272 Deployment issues - Hi I have tried deploying a dashboard and it doesn't work until the default dashboard on the user' ssondur In Progress Bug?
#3260 Unable to download for Sugar 7.9 - Get an "Oops" page chris15 Closed Installation
#3230 No working with SugarCRM Ent - Screenshot attached jamesaforde Closed Installation
#3197 Dashboard copy doesn't work - Hello, I just installed the Dashboard Copy on my SuiteCRM 7.8 but it doesn't work. I get the next omolist Closed Installation
#3190 Deployed Dashboards are missing filters for existing users only - Hi Support, One of our clients has downloaded you product to allow them to deploy various dashboa Evolution Marketing In Progress Bug?
#3172 Copying Select Dashboards - Hi Jackal Software, We are interested in this functionality, however we want to know if it is pos jareddalrymple In Progress General Question
#3130 Does this copy the module filters as well? - When we copy a dashboard that uses a filter, does the filter get copied to the user as well? Evolution Marketing Closed General Question
#3101 problem installing the Addon in my Sugar Environment - Dear Support, whenever I try to install your add on into my sugar environment, I got the following e Tourpartnergroup Closed Installation
  • "This is a very elegant approach to a tricky problem. The best part is that you simply select any existing dashboard as the basis for your template."

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