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#3530 - Deploying specific dashboards & not overwriting users existing setup

In Progress Feature created by chris15 4 years ago

We need a way to deploy out specific dashboards, filters, etc to a user, set of users or team without deploying all of them and also without overwriting their existing setup. Is this doable?

  1. namcorp member avatar

    Jackal Software Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago

    Hello and thank you for your question. Sorry for the late response but I was out of town for a couple of days. I do not have this feature available yet but I have it in development and testing.

    Would you want this feature to deploy a dashboard (as in a set of dashlets) to a user or set of users. Meaning if we had already copied that dashboard over it would be updated or a new one created if it wasn't and the user could select it as one of their dropdowns for that view?

    I was originally working off of the idea that in individual dashlet could be added but ran into problems with that.

    • chris15 member avatar


      4 years ago

      You've got the idea - I want to deploy an entire dashboard (that the user can select from the sugar cube dropdown.

      I don't want to overwrite their existing dashboards, just give them new ones to use. Same with the record and list view dashlets / intelligence panes.

      The overall goal is to be able to pick and choose which individual dashboards get pushed to home/record/list and to have them added to the user's, group's or team's list of available options rather than overwriting everything in case they have made their own customizations. We have several very distinct teams here with different roles and each needs to see a different set of data.

  2. chris15 member avatar


    4 years ago

    Any progress on this?

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