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#3831 - SugarCRM Ondemand 8.0.0 failed upgrade to 8.1.0

Open Bug? created by Evolution Marketing 4 years ago


Our customer is using Dashboard Copy Manager 1.7.0 and the upgrade to 8.1.0 has failed the health check. In the past we have uninstalled the plugin then reinstalled the plugin after upgrade but we are going to see 4 updates a year from SugarCRM can you please investigate issue and correct? Not viable for us to remove the plugin every quarter to update SugarCRM.

This is part of the email we received from SugarCRM support.

I am reaching out because a recent attempt to schedule your SugarCRM on-demand instance ‘’ for an upgrade failed due to the following health check bucket F items:

[2018-08-09T21:35:43+00:00] BUCKET => F: 1 total [2018-08-09T21:35:43+00:00] BUCKET => F: [Issue 1][incompatIntegration][517][Incompatible Integration - DashboardCopyManagerSugar7 1.70] [2018-08-09T21:35:44+00:00] INFO *** START HEALTHCHECK ISSUES ***

This link was supplied for troubleshooting.

Thanks Damon

  1. Darren_Flood member avatar

    Evolution Marketing

    4 years ago

    Hello, we have not heard back from you regarding our issue are you able to respond ASAP?

    Thanks Damon

  2. namcorp member avatar

    Jackal Software Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago

    Hello, Sorry for the delay. I am currently working with Sugar to have the add-on removed from the health check list as the current version complies with all of the Healthcheck guidlines. Unfortunately I am at the mercy of their pace on this. I'll update you as soon as I hear something.

    Thank you

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