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#3552 - Unable to upgrade on ondemand

In Progress Bug? created by Sugabyte 5 years ago

Hi, we received notification from Sugar that the customer system that we are trialling this tool on can't be upgraded because of this customisation.

Here is the output: **[2018-02-07T19:16:38+00:00] BUCKET => F: 1 total [2018-02-07T19:16:38+00:00] BUCKET => F: [Issue 1][incompatIntegration][517][Incompatible Integration - DashboardCopyManagerSugar7 1.70] ** Is there a newer version we can install which will enable the upgrade?

The currently installed version is: 1.70

Thanks, Sugabyte

  1. namcorp member avatar

    Jackal Software Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago


    Thanks a lot for reaching out to me. I have been working with Sugar to get off of that list but haven't been able to although I have upgraded the package to their requirements.

    What version of Sugar are you going from and to?

    • sugabyte member avatar


      5 years ago

      Thanks for getting back to me.

      I think we are trying to go from to 7.11.x (winter).

      When do you expect a resolution on this? We are looking to upgrade the customer system in the next week. Thanks, Sugabyte

    • namcorp member avatar

      Jackal Software Provider Affiliate

      5 years ago

      I don't have an estimate because I am dependent on Sugar for now. To resolve just uninstall the add-on (do not remove tables) during the upgrade and reinstall after it is done. I don't foresee issues on 7.11

  2. sugabyte member avatar


    5 years ago

    Hi, we have the same problem now with instances which are being upgraded to V.8. Is dashboard copy manager compatible with V8? Thanks, Sugabyte

  3. namcorp member avatar

    Jackal Software Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Hello, I have done some initial testing on Sugar V8 and did not run into any issues. I tried to work with Sugar to get the add-on removed from their health check blacklist because the issues were fixed as of Version 7.9 but I did not get any response. Unfortunately for the time being the same recommendation holds to uninstall without removing tables then reinstall.

    Sorry for the inconvenience but thank you following up.

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