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#2786 - Error on Microsoft SQL

Closed Bug? created by Technology Advisors 5 years ago


Using version 7.7.2 on a Microsoft SQL 2012 database, I get a Differences found between database and vardefs when running a QRR. This is causing an upgrade to fail. The mismatch is: /COLUMNS/ /MISMATCH WITH DATABASE - flag_data - ROW [name] => 'flag_data' [type] => 'bit' [len] => '1' [default] => '0' */ / VARDEF - flag_data - ROW[required] => '' [name] => 'flag_data' [vname] => 'LBL_FLAG_DATA' [type] => 'bit' [massupdate] => '' [default] => '0' [no_default] => '' [comments] => '' [help] => '' [importable] => 'false' [duplicate_merge] => 'disabled' [duplicate_merge_dom_value] => '0' [audited] => '' [reportable] => '' [unified_search] => '' [merge_filter] => 'disabled' [calculated] => '' [len] => '255' [size] => '20' [dbType] => 'bool' */ ALTER TABLE syno_dashboardtemplates DROP CONSTRAINT DF__syno_dash__flag___3E29BD87; ALTER TABLE syno_dashboardtemplates ALTER COLUMN flag_data bit NULL; ALTER TABLE syno_dashboardtemplates ADD DEFAULT 0 FOR flag_data;

Note the difference between [len] => '1' and [len] => '255'. I checked the vardefs and this field does have len set to 255. I believe a field of type bit should have a len of 1. I changed the len definition to 1 in ..\modules\SYNO_DashboardTemplates\vardefs.php and the error went away.

Can you tell me what the most recent version of this bundle is? I'm showing v20160510 installed.

Thank you, Justin Kuehlthau

  1. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Hello Justin,

    I'll start with the latest version of the module that is 20161024. This version is compatible with Sugar up to 7.7.X . You can download the latest version from your SugarOutfitters account and install it "over" the older version to update.

    It is a strange error indeed that you found. It's strange because the modules of the addon have been generated using the standard Sugar Module Builder, so the vardefs generated are standard. This error has not been detected before now because very few clients use Microsoft SQL 2012 databases and it does not seem to be a problem for other types of databases. We will test to see if the vardefs generate the same way for the bool field type in the latest version and create a ticket for Sugar to fix this (if that is the case). In the mean time we will create a hotfix for this issue by adjusting the vardefs file.

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and we will correct the issue soon.

    Kind regards, Synolia Support

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