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Create standardized dashboards for your users. No more having confused users missing out on what they could be doing with Sugar. This add-on gives Sugar administrators the ability to easily and quickly deploy dashboard templates to one or multiple users.

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#4157 Need assistance with setting up a trial version - I tried contacting you via the "Request a demo" and "Have Questions" options but chandru Open General Question
#4082 Do you have a version compatible with Sugar 9.0.0? - Hi, Do you have a version compatible with Sugar 9.0.0? We need to upgrade a sugar instance and n LoadedTechnologies Closed General Question
#4048 Do you have a version compatible with 8.3.0? - Do you have a version compatible with 8.3.0? Sugabyte Closed Installation
#3934 Issue with Synolia Dashboard Manager - Hi Support, When you go into “Dashboard manager > Select a dashboard > Depoly the cur jimmy.prasetyo Open General Question
#3931 Trying to uninstall -- breaks Sugar instance. - We no longer use Syno Dashboard Templates, and I was planning on uninstalling it on my production in fareedjreisat Open Installation
#3669 Error loading data to template - When trying to load data into the template in your template manager I receive an error that there is bacpartners Closed Bug?
#3656 Not Able to deploy templates to user - We are able to load the template but not able to deploy the templates to users. nsorimuthu Closed General Question
#3647 Issue while upgrading sugar to a new version - Hi there, After upgrading our sugar from SugarCRM Professional, Version (Build 9) to Suga carlos1 Closed Bug?
#3610 Dashboard Template Deployer for Sugar 7 Incorrect Version supplied - Good Day, We are trying to install this plug in on a clients instance which is using Sugar 7.9.2 bacpartners Closed Installation
#3566 Load dashboard data - Hello, I have followed the instructions which were provided. I have several dashboards created for m rharres Closed Bug?
#3553 v7.9 installation package? - Hi, I require the version for SugarCRM v7.9, but I seem only to be able to download to up v7.7? nimlokltd Closed Installation
#3423 Error when try to launch a Dashboard - Hello. I'm getting an error when tryinG to launch a Dashboard. Previously after selecting the us shah.zilani Closed Bug?
#3275 PHP Fatal Error on Installation - Hi Folks, We're attempting to upgrade / re-install SynoDashboardTemplates Version: 20170424 in a fredlee Closed Installation
#3220 Dashboard manager for SugarCRM - Hello, We are in the process of upgrading our SugarCRM instance from 7.7 to 7.9.01 and will need peterbuhrow Closed General Question
#3208 Syno Dashboard plugin - Hi, I need to purchase this plugin for another client. They were also using it for 7.6 version. N shah.zilani Closed Bug?
#3184 Files left behind after uninstall causes system to become unstable and unusable. - I don't need anything fixed since I'm actually fully uninstalling your product, but I thought I'd gi Tmoriello Closed Bug?
#3176 return our subscription - Cancel our subscription. With the latest patch the plug in has totally stopped working, We will f ckorson Closed General Question
#3139 Uninstall Completely - Hi there, i no longer have "support" to get the latest updates for 7.8 or 7.9. I'm stuck i lowen Closed Bug?
#3129 Using Subscription Service Results In Same Error - I signed up for the subscription service and installed the newest version of the plugin in my test i conormccloy Closed Bug?
#3116 7.8 & 7.9 compatibility - Hey Syno Support, Sugar is telling us that Syno dashboard isn't compatible with the new 7.8 Suga TomBudd Closed Installation
#3096 7.8 compatibility and installation - Hey guys, Sugar is telling us that Syno dashboard isn't compatible with the new 7.8 Sugar instance. ptew Closed Installation
#3077 Error when loading and deploying existing template. - ![Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.08.07 AM.png]( ckorson Closed Bug?
#3053 User List is missing when trying to deploy - ![Empty-Fields.JPG]( kenpoggensee Closed Bug?
#2987 How to download compatible version - Hi, Where do I find the option to download the installation for the compatible version? I keithhardy Closed Installation
#2943 Please confirm on Demand Installtion as zip file, folder, and template file produce error saying invaild Package - Please confirm Sugar ONDemand Installation as zip file, folder, and template file produce error say TomBudd Closed Installation
#2939 Receiving error 0x80010135:PAth too long error when extracting zip files - Receiving error 0x80010135:PAth too long" error when extracting downloaded zip files? ![error TomBudd Closed Installation
#2920 "Field Render Failed" -Unable to render the undefined field. - Received an error on Sugar On Demand 7.7 deployment _"Field Render Failed" -Unable to ren TomBudd Closed Bug?
#2909 Can not deploy as no check box to select users - Error shows up in red, field render failed. Does not provide select buttons to select which user brianoeder Closed Bug?
#2857 has development stopped on this plugin? LIST dashlets loose filters - When i deploy a dashboard that has a list view dashlet - if there are filters - they are lost - whic arcangel Closed Bug?
#2838 No user selection allowed in deployment - When trying to deploy a template to users, the option to select which users it gets deployed to is n nickdelaserda Closed Bug?
#2830 Unable to render the undefined field. Please contact technical support - Hello Synolia: We are trying to deploy to users and have the above error, unable to select the u Deven Closed Bug?
#2816 Sugar 7.8 - Hi! I need a new supported file to upload to make the dashboard templates work. The feature is now o mikaelakjell Closed Installation
#2802 No users to select when deploying - Hi, Screen is blank when deploying a template. There are no users to select. //M martinjuhos Closed Bug?
#2793 Support for Version 7.8? - Hi There, When will this plugin support version 7.8? we are planning the the upgrade of our sugar saajidmaarif Closed Installation
#2786 Error on Microsoft SQL - Hello, Using version 7.7.2 on a Microsoft SQL 2012 database, I get a Differences found between da Technology Advisors Closed Bug?
#2768 Uninstall issues - I am trying to upgrade our SugarCRM instance to 7.8 and I cannot due to SynoDashboardTemplates. With Closed General Question
#2762 Version for Sugarcrm 7.8 - Do you have a version for Sugar 7.8 yet? We had our system upgraded to deal with another sugar issue DougMcC Closed Installation
#2758 Would like to cancel the purchase - Not a very useful plugin for us. Would like to cancel the purchase. Ankit Closed General Question
#2746 Missing Dashboards - Hello, We have been using your product without any issues for a while. But recently we have been ha PhilipS Closed General Question
#2724 upgrade error - We are in the process of upgrading from to of Sugar. We have upgraded our test inst ckorson Closed General Question
#2707 Error Loading new profile. - Hello support. I'm getting the below error and need help when trying to load Kendra Tarte dashboard Paul Hekimian Closed Bug?
#2671 User module's selection drawer taking too much time to open during deploy template - Hello Team, Please see below my instance details - Sugar : Version (Build 199) Dashbo peterbuhrow Closed Bug?
#2652 Bug with deploying dashboards for users - Hi! Im trying to deploy a template for my users but are unable to choose users and get this error me mikaelakjell Closed Bug?
#2619 Error loading source Dashboards - Hi, I just sucessfully installed the Synolia Dashboard, but trying to load first dashboard is cur fernando Closed Bug?
#2617 Installtion not completing - crashed system - Hi, Just tried installing the module on an Ent and the installtion didn't complete. Syst mhoffmann Closed Bug?
#2562 Filters not carrying through to deployed templates - I added this message to a previously closed case, so to ensure that it got through, I've created a n nepo Closed Bug?
#2551 Problem with users created by LDAP service - Hi, Sorry for my english. We have a client with an instance on Sugar On demand. Their users are andresdiaz Closed Bug?
#2497 Applying filters to use a "Current User" - When we deploy a Dashboard for a user that uses an "Assigned To" filter, we want the assig nepo Closed General Question
#2492 Invalid Package Error - Package fails to install following upload to Module Builder with an Invalid Package Error. chriswilson Closed Installation
#2478 Installation has crashed the system - Uploaded into module loaded and installed in sbrock Closed Installation
#2441 Error after loading Syno Dashboard plug-in - Wed Aug 24 20:21:36 2016 [564][1][FATAL] Error inserting into table: syno_dashboardtemplates: Query Paul Hekimian Closed Bug?
#2425 Unable to Edit and Save Dashboard - In version of Sugar using the version of the plugin that is compatible with Sugar 7.7, we ar ktomkosk Closed General Question
#2404 Assigning Template dashboard to multiple user - Hi there I want to assign one dashboard to multiple users. I did search and select one user , but esrana Closed Feature
#2401 Ability to Deploy by User Role? - Does Dashboard Deployer allow for deployment based on User Role? (Eg. Sales Rep role vs Marketing ro brianbosch Closed General Question
#2400 Dashboard deploy fails with large group deploy - The deployer works well for distributing a dashboard to a small number of users but I receive an err brianbosch Closed General Question
#2380 Sugar 7.7.1 update compatibility - Hello - We've recently updated our Sugar testbox to the latest 7.7.1 and the dashboard deployment to keithhardy Closed Bug?
#2377 Sugaroutfiiters is not working - I installed the plug-in. Try to load the data and deploy it to another user but it didn't work. No c esrana Closed General Question
#2327 Error when install SynoDashboardTemplates - Hi I have purchased the Dashboard template plugin for my Sugar. But everytime I installed it, go carlos1 Closed Installation
#2284 How identify different records with the same status - Using Sugar 7.5.2 with this dashboard template deployer Our customer service dept. needs a visual jpalmisano Closed General Question
#2246 Loading Dashboard Template - First time trying the plugin for Sugar , we use version When loading the template I receive conormccloy Closed Installation
#2243 Database Failure When Installing - Hi, When i try and execute the SQL i get a database failure message, This prevents the module seanharris Closed Installation
#2209 Error loading source dashboard - There is a bug in your image upload facility here so I cannot send a screen shot. Either way we cann marcusbingemann Closed General Question
#2202 Error creating/cannot create templates after upgrading to Syno version for Sugar 7.7 - As we have recently upgraded to Sugar Version 7.7 and the previous version of SynoDashboardTemplates tru-testnz Closed Bug?
#2137 Doesn't work with 7.7. - Unable to deploy dashboard, it shows the following error message: Field Render Failed Unable to rend lowen Closed Installation
#2100 User search options - Hi, We noticed that if we change the list view layout in Studio for the Users module, it nicely s jim58 Closed Feature
#2078 Deploy overwrites users existing dashboard - We recently purchased the software for a customer and they do not like the way that if you deploy a ktomkosk Closed Bug?
#2065 Dashboard template deployer and version - Hello, I'm running into an issue where I cannot seem to deploy a template, using dashboard templa haroldberenguer Closed General Question
#2043 User custom edits after template deployment - When I deploy a template to a user and after the user starts customising the dashboard. Then after s rszczypka Closed General Question
#2030 Some users dashboards can't be loaded - Hi Synolia, We have successfully set up dashboards for some users via a 'Dashboard User'. We have jim58 Closed Bug?
#1993 Deployed Reports Not Capturing All Data - We are using Synolia Dashboard Manager (purchased from DataSync). I understand the limitation a bthomason Closed Bug?
#1930 Database Failure after hitting 'Execute' button - Hi, When we hit the 'Execute' button during the installation process we receive a database failur jim58 Closed Installation
#1927 licensing - I'm thinking on buying this add-on, but I will like to know if will need to buy also diferente licen cascos Closed General Question
#1895 Advanced Workflow Blocked by Synco Dashboard - Still blocks the BPM tool. Will work with a hard browser refresh but that's pretty poor. fletch Closed Bug?
#1869 List View Dashlet Filters - I just discovered the disappointment of the Dashboard Deployer when it comes to the List View Dashle DougMcC Closed Bug?
#1835 How to select dashboards? - Hello, just installed the extension and, as the sales manager, I'd like to choose which of my dashbo celso Closed General Question
#1820 How to install new version? - We already have this addon installed, but I noticed that a new version was released last month. fareedjreisat Closed Installation
#1749 Advanced Workflow Blocked by Synco Dashboard - We are on Sugar (version (Build 1163) We recently updated to Entreprise version. When DougMcC Closed Bug?
#1734 Installing Dashboard Templates Module on Sugar v.7.6.x Ent breaks Process Author - Hello. We have a demo instance of Sugar Enterprise on which we have installed the Dashboa bryan.bertrand Closed Bug?
#1710 Deploy multiple dashboard for an user - Can we deploy multiple dashboard for an user ? I am trying to deploy multiple dashboard for an use stella.joeboy Closed General Question
#1679 Dashboard filters - Good afternoon, I hope you are well. I have a client who is considering using this plugin to hav colin.hoare Closed General Question
#1581 Issues with transferring filters with dashlets - Hi, I'm having issues when dashboards are pushed out. Occasionally, but not always, the dashboard stevec Closed Bug?
#1525 Sugar instance breaks after version upgrade - Twice now I've upgraded my Sugar instance since installing dashboard deployer. From to 7.5 Tmoriello Closed Bug?
#1506 Use package in other instances - Hi, We are a Sugar partner and have bought this add-on for a specific client. Can we install the JOBE Closed General Question
#1495 Installation of Dashboard Template Deployer for Sugar 5 - Hello, I have followed the documentation for the installation of the new module but it is not ve raysparks Closed Installation
#1493 Installation stops at 15% - Followed the install instructions in the PDF. getting the following error: Failed to copy cache Tmoriello Closed Bug?
#1481 Deployer for Sugar 7 - dashboard - Message received upon installation: Scanning Package Installation failed! The package you are att NickyTucker Closed Installation
#1403 Deploying dashboards with saved filters isn't working - I have created a filter for Cases assigned to Support - it looks correct on my dashboard, I upload t erodgers Closed Bug?
#1309 Internal Server Error after Install - Hi, After installing Dashboard Template on Sugar Sugar no longer works. I receive the f steved Closed Bug?
#1267 Receive updated copy of download for client - We have a client who purchased your plugin, and received the 7.2 copy of the build. Since then, t visaolive Closed Installation
#1264 Dashboard dashlet filters do not work until page refresh.... - I created a support case on the Sugar support portal and they are seemingly stumped. Then I had the fareedjreisat Closed Bug?
#1257 Support for OnDemand - Hello Support. We have a customer who purchased your plugin, and they have migrated from onsite t visaolive Closed General Question
#1229 error in user management after installation - Having installed the dashboard manager we are now having issues with User Management. On browsing Enable Technologies Closed Bug?
#1223 Documentation on new version - Hi, yesterday I've installed the new version on With this new version, 4 modules are aut norbertgroene Closed General Question
#1170 7.5 support? - Now on 7.5, is this supported? tcallin Closed Bug?
#1145 Deploying dashboards - I have 5 dashboards, some of which are specific to me. It would be nice to be able to only deploy a scottlang1 Closed Feature
#1120 Download of latest version - How do I get the latest version? Do I need to uninstall previous version before installing newest? anthony Closed General Question
#1093 DB2 Support on SugarCRM 7 Enterprise - Hello, I just wanted to confirm before purchasing that this is compatible with SugarCRM 7.2.x on KendraKS Closed General Question
#1071 Need an updated download - Hi there, on order 3094 we had this downloaded PRIOR to the most recent SugarCRM version update & datasync Closed Installation
#1051 Not compatible for - Hello- we purchased the Dashboard Deployer order #3878 on 12.19. When we tried to install this today datasync Closed Installation
#985 Lock down dashboards? - Hello, does this app enable admins to lock down dashboards so users cannot edit them? This would be sfridell Closed Feature
#916 Blank page when trying to deploy current template - Dashboard created User selected to populate template When I select Deploy the current template the FibreCRM Closed Bug?
#901 cannot seem to download - I I cannot seem to download/extract the file I just purchased. Please reply with specific instruct swestlake Closed Installation
#881 Bug - When deploying a template default data filters for list view of a dashboard dont get set. anthony Closed General Question
#859 creating 'list view' dashlet - using the reports module - and deploying to other users loses the filters - Hello I am setting up all my users' dashboards using your plugin - when i set a dashboard most o arcangel Closed General Question
#845 Dashboard Template does not work for Sugar 7.2 - I paid and downloaded the Dashboard Template Deployer for Sugar 7. I have SugarCRM Professional, Ver ryan.zemmer Closed Installation
#835 - When will a working version be available for I just purchased and cant install it. anthony Closed General Question
#788 Deploying a dashboard template - I have followed the instructions in the documentation, but having deployed a dashboard template it i denisewheelton Closed General Question
#706 When will a version for SugarCRM 7.2.2 be available - Hi, when will a version for SugarCRM 7.2.2 be available ? We need that SugarCRM version because o norbertgroene Closed General Question
#671 Deployment of dashboard at ListView / Recordview (Intelligence pane) - Hi, I'm currently testing your add-on and like the way it works. The standard dashboard on the ho asmith Closed Bug?
#666 List of users, that a dashboard is deployed to - Hi, I'm missing a view of all the users, a dashboard has been deployed to. Is there a way to see norbertgroene Closed Feature
#649 Selection of users not working since upgrade to 7.2.1 - Hi, since upgrading to 7.2.1 the selection of users while loading dashboard data is returning a b norbertgroene Closed Installation
#609 Failed Install - After clicking on the Execute button on the final step of the install, a blank page was displayed (t jay4linux Closed Installation
#570 CE support - If you do it with CE 6.x version I will buy it. vytenis Closed General Question
  • "This module is a lifesaver. 25 staff all needing the same styles would have been a nightmare to do individually.You only need to create the dashboards on one and then push them out."

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