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Essential solution to help you keep your SugarCRM data in perfect shape!

Primary source of problems with your SugarCRM data is duplicate entries that you are making while working. Eliminate those with advanced detection techniques and resolve them in few easy steps.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4314 Auto merge doesn't seem to run - I've created an auto-merge job on our accounts where the account name matches exactly, and I see it ltaylor Closed Bug?
#4262 How quickly does Automerge work? - Hello, How quickly do Automerge processes work? I have about 5,500 contacts that need to be chec clardaro Closed General Question
#4192 DeDupit interfering with workflows in the Leads module - After installing DeDupit, several of our Leads workflows stopped working. Would someone please reac tlemotte Closed Bug?
#4186 Error message: "Purchase the module before using it" - I have installed DeDupit and it is available to access, however when I try to save a process I get t tlemotte Closed Bug?
#4122 Reporting Help - Hello. I see the Duplicate Check and Duplicate Finder Processes modules have been added in our repo djohnson Closed General Question
#4092 View all duplicates & dashlet in other modules - Hi, Through the instruction video it only displays duplicates in each individual contact record ( marketing Closed General Question
#4068 Are there any plans to make DeDupit compatible with SuiteCRM? - Are there any plans to make DeDupit compatible with SuiteCRM? mlove Closed Feature
#3836 Get the latest version of Dedupit - I needed to renew my licence to dedupit in one week (we are using it since 2015) but I would like t it.edigroup Closed General Question
#3807 Fuzzy Logic and List View Use - I seen in prior version you included fuzzy logic in this product, but now it is only exact match. Ar rhorvath Closed Feature
#3772 Enterprise 8.0.0 Compatibility Issue - I cannot upload these modules into Enterprise version 8.0.0. Sugar is throwing an error saying it is rhorvath Closed Installation
#3658 is it possible to call DeDupit from rest end point? - Hi, I want to automate the process of merging accounts due to the high volume of duplicates is it p lhernandez Closed General Question
#3520 SugarCRM Running Slow and Errors After DeDupit Install - Hello, After installing the DeDupit Module our system is running incredibly slow and giving link will Closed Bug?
#3385 TAGS - Hi, does dedupit work with Tags? So you could run looking at duplicated tags? Enable Technologies Closed General Question
#3239 Bug & Feature Request - Hi, I think I have found a couple of bugs and also have a couple of feature requests (we are tes mhoffmann Closed Bug?
#3216 Preview of deleted record(duplicate) does not load - Hi, I auto merged two duplicates - and trying to preview the deleted (duplicate) record by clicki vijaynagarajan Closed Bug?
#3196 What are the modules supported for De-duplication check and the modules supported for Merge ? - Hi There, I could not find any documentation linked to the page and could not find this info on t vijaynagarajan Closed General Question
#3155 MORE ISSUES - When I installed the most recent version of Dedupit, I had to have Sugar support do it. It was THAT conormccloy Closed Bug?
#3142 Primary Records and Auto Merge - If the primary record has blank fields and the 2nd record has data in those fields, will the new mer bpierce In Progress General Question
#3114 DeDupit 4.0.X not compatible with SuiteCRM - Hi SugarOutfitters We are trying to install DeDupit on a SuiteCRM instance for one of our custom BoBo Closed Feature
#3097 Slow to Load and HTTP: 500 Internal Several Error - When I add either DeDupit dashlets the page crashes. bpierce Closed Bug?
#3086 CRASHED SUGAR WHEN UPDATING TO 7.8.2 - Hello, I had issues with your new install yesterday. Once it was active it slowed down Sugar to a conormccloy Closed Bug?
#3033 License Key Being Requested Again - Hello, My Dedupit plugin is asking for the license key for some reason. I tried the one I receive conormccloy Closed Bug?
#3006 Newest Version - I am working on upgrading our onsite instance to 7.8 and we purchased DeDupit. Where would I get th Tom Hadrava Closed Installation
#2855 Current Version and SuiteCRM - Hello What is the current version of this module and will it work with SuiteCRM? I already have pjakob Closed General Question
#2733 New features and improvements - Hello Eontek-Team We are using your DeDupit-Module (Version 1.x) very often. Currently we are ins BoBo Closed Feature

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