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#3239 - Bug & Feature Request

Closed Bug? created by mhoffmann 5 years ago


I think I have found a couple of bugs and also have a couple of feature requests (we are testing with Sugar Enterprise and PHP 5.6 :

**Bug: ** 1. On the Home page I have tried to add the Dedupit panels but I am getting a 500 screen error 2. When defining duplicate rules I only seem to have the option "Exact match". Is this a field type thing?

** Feature ** 1. Have Dedupit working on Home Page 2. Have Dedupit working on Module list view, where I see all potential duplicates 3. Have the ability to mark records as not being a duplicate, so they will not be show as duplicates going forward i.e. same company, same city, two locations 4. Have the ability to run Dedupit overnight and present the possible duplicate results on screen . I would then like the ability to be able to select as a non-duplicate record (see point 3), exclude records which shouldn't be duplicated and finally with one click do an auto merge.

Cheers Malcolm

  1. eontek-primary-contact member avatar

    38 Elements

    5 years ago

    Hi Malcolm,

    thank you for your feedback. Here if feedback on items you have described:

    Bugs: 1. This right now is known issue, but our intention right now was not to allow this dashlet to be present on Home page. If you would be looking at it on Home page, what exactly would be your expectation to see? 2. Right now this is intentional for general plugin release. We are capable to support other matching options but since they require more processing power from host machine we do not package it with general release. Our professional service team will be happy to discuss this further with you.

    Feature: 1. Asked a question above 2. Are you referring to widget in intelligence pane that would show you duplicate records from that module? Or possibly have a column in listview that shows there are (this is) duplicate of another record ? What would you be looking to achieve here ? 3. I'll pass this along to our team, seems like something necessary out of box 4. We are currently working on a cleanup wizard that will allow you to easily go through all detected duplicates and resolve them on one screen. I believe this might be aligned with something that you are referring to. Due to holiday season right now, we are expecting to ship this out in autumn.

    Please let me know if there is anything else we can assist you with, your feedback is appreciated and passed to the team.

    If you need to contact us directly for anything, fell free to email us at

    Thank you in advance!

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