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#4573 - DeDupit Causing System Impairment

Closed Bug? created by slewis a year ago

According to SugarCRM Technical Support, DeDupit was the reason our Accounts module returned an Internal Server Error each time a user attempted to create/modify an account. From Sugar support:

"It looks like the logichook associated with the Sugar DeDupit v5.0.7 package is causing issues with Account saving.

The file in question is: ./custom/Extension/application/Ext/LogicHooks/e38_DeDupit_global.php

You'll likely want to uninstall the package for now to restore Account saving functionality and contact the developer to report the issue."

On Friday, September 10, I disabled, uninstalled, and deleted the package for DeDupit. A full repair/rebuild was enacted thereafter.

Today, September 13, ALL MODULES ARE EXHIBITING THE PROBLEMATIC BEHAVIOR STATED ABOVE. We cannot edit or create new modules without triggering a server error.

In the devtools console, the following can be seen: "VM73:2 POST 500 (Internal Server Error)"

Evidently, there is a trace of the duplicate check module and we don't know how to remove it.

Please respond ASAP regarding this matter.


  1. eontek member avatar

    38 Elements Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hi Lewis,

    we have verified this morning usage of DeDupit on latest Sugar 11 OnDemand and it works as expected without any issues. The explanation given by SugarCRM doesn't really tell us anything to help you diagnose the issue or understand if there is a conflict. Can you please provide us the reference ticket ID with SugarCRM that you have opened?

    What i believe happened is SugarCRM didn't properly disable the module which caused an issue after uninstalling.

    I would advise that you install the DeDupit release and uninstall afterwards. This should remove any traces of the module.

    Do be aware that you might have other customizations that are poorly done and that our module just uncovered the issue.

    We are here to help and jump on a meeting to help you resolve the issue. Since we are SugarCRM partners as well, please provide us ticket details and have them include us on resolving the issue so that we can provide all the necessary assistance and understand if it really is DeDupit that caused the issue.

    The best way forward is to contact us directly, i will send you an email.

    Thank you!

    • slewis member avatar


      a year ago

      The ticket number is 435200. I am waiting for the direct email mentioned above.

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