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Upsert® Timesheets lets you log time against any Sugar record for tracking SLAs, billable hours, or next-level KPIs.

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Keep track of the time you spend in Sugar

Empower users to track the time they spend on tasks like those that consume billable hours. Users can relate their time to the relevant account, contact, or other record type in Sugar. And you can level-up Timesheets' capabilities by leveraging the Timesheet data in SugarBPM and Sugar reports.

Key Features

Extreme Flexibility

Whether you are looking to understand how much effort goes into pursuing deals for big clients, what the biggest time sinks for customer support team are, or to reliably invoice your customers for the work your team delivered last month, Upsert® Timesheets provides your users the capabilities to log their time so you are just a few clicks away from meaningful insights into how your business is running. With Upsert® Timesheets, you can log time against any Sugar record. You configure which services are available for each customer and the rest is easy as your users create timesheets effortlessly in Sugar!

Upsert® Timesheets


Kick off real-time tracking with a context-aware stopwatch widget from anywhere in the application. For users who frequently work with on the same customers and projects, they can select from a set of their most recent timesheet entries to quickly populate the critical details of their next stopwatch entry.

Upsert® Timesheets Stopwatch Timer

Time Validation

In scenarios where you need to ensure you are billing your clients reliably, you have the option to validate timesheet submissions to prevent overlapping time entries or prohibit users from logging future times.

Round Intervals

Set Upsert® Timesheets to round to the nearest minutes increment of your choice - like the nearest 10th or 15th minute so you can easily report and invoice for time spent that aligns with your business practices.


Use Upsert® Timesheets with SugarBPM to execute time approval workflows so managers can make sure the timesheets their employees log with customers are accurate and ready for your next invoice.


Upsert® Timesheets comes with a set of reports so you can see who is logging time, which customers have the most time logged, and more!

Upsert® Timesheets Report

Team Security

Keep time entries private to users and their managers (default). Let them share with wider audiences as needed via team security.

System Requirements

Upsert® Timesheets is compatible with:

  • Sugar Sell, Serve, and Enterprise products
  • Versions 12.0 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site
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