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The WhatsApp Integration enables SugarCRM users to get and send WhatsApp messages right in the CRM. Sales and support teams can save time and stay in the loop with customer communications right from the CRM.

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Installation Guide

Installing the WhatsApp Twilio Integration

1. Plug-in Installation

1) Login to your SuiteCRM as administrator.

2) Upload and install plug-in with Module Loader. You can find Module Loader on Admin page, Developer Tools section:


3) Once you installed the plug-in it should appear in Module Loader with Enabled state:


2. Plug-in Configuration

1) Open SuiteCRM Admin page and find the Twilio WhatsApp configuration section:


2) The first three fields (Account SID, Auth Token and WhatsApp phone number) should be defined by values from your Twilio account:


3) Define your own auto response on incoming messages in field “Auto response template”:


3. Twilio Configuration

1) Register in Twilio service.

2) Go to WhatsApp – Sandbox and change values in fields “When a message comes in” to https://your_site_url/twilio.php and in field “Status callback url” to https://your_site_url/twilio_callback.php


3) Open Dashboard and copy values from fields “Account SID” and “Auth token” to the same fields in Twilio WhatsApp Configuration in SuiteCRM:


4) Open WhatsApp – Copy test phone number to “WhatsApp phone number” in CRM. Send a command to testing phone number from your WhatsApp to activate it:


If everything is correct, you will get auto response from Twilio:


4. Testing

1) Be sure about saving all changes in CRM’s WhatsApp Twilio Configuration.

2) Send from your WhatsApp message to Twilio test number. If everything is correct and auto response isn`t disable, you will receive a message from CRM:

10 (2).jpg

3) Find all messages in WhatsApp messages


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