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Visualize and manage your "work in progress" by dragging and dropping your records. Add a Kanban view for any SugarCRM or SuiteCRM module. Great for sales pipelines, leads pipeline, account pipeline, support team boards, project management, and more.

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User Guide

Drag-and-drop with automatically updated status

  1. User can drag-and-drop a card from column to column. It changes card status
  2. User can drag-and-drop a card from column pop-up area. It completes process for a card.

Drag-and-Drop cards

Color indication for planned activity

  1. Red color means «alarm» - user missed some planned activities.
  2. Yellow color means «warning» - user does not have any planned activities. It is not good because if card is in a process then user always should have planned activity.
  3. Green color means everything is fine with a card: there is something planned to do with card and there is no missed activities.

Color indication for planned activity

Context menu

  1. report with planned activities on pop-up form
  2. report with done issues
  3. access to detail view of the page
  4. schedule new call or meeting and add new tasks

Context menu

Mouse clicks

  1. Click on card open edit view of a card
  2. Double click on column header create new card. The card is created with status according to the clicked column

Pop up edit view for new lead

Kanban view configuration

Please see installation guide for the details.

Kanban board settings

  1. taufiqueahmed member avatar

    taufiqueahmed Verified Purchase

    6 years ago

    Hi there Looks great!

    One question, Does this work with custom modules built in module builder?

    • Vedisoft member avatar

      Vedisoft Provider

      6 years ago

      Hi, Thank you. Yes, it works with custom modules.

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  • "This add-on works perfectly for the Sugar On-Demand version We've only been using SugarCRM for a few months and this is the most useful feat..." - rmunoz

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