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The Field Masking module improves the reliability of your data and saves time for your users. Using this functionality, you can mask all the textbox fields (Upper, Lower) and Phone fields.

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Admin Guide


Admin Can configure this plugin for all the indivisual Module Custom and Default Textbox Field, Phone field.

Admin can specify following things on a Fields.

1) Upper Case 2) Lower Case 3) Phone Format 4) First Letter Upper Case

Admin needs to follow below steps.

1) Open Admin Panel and cllick on iPredict Manage Field Masking Link. p-1.png

2) Admin can have below layout on front. p-2.png

3) Admin can specify masking from dropdown. - Upper Case : ALL words from textbox will be display in Upper case - Lower Case : ALL words from textbox will be display in Lower case - Phone Format : Admin can setup phone format as per the requirement - First Letter Upper Case : ALL words from textbox will be display in Upper case p-3.png

4) Admin can specify masking for any module. p-4.png

5) Admin can enable more then one field for Masking. Default all the field for all the module will be unselected. p-5.png

6) For the phone field admin need to set the format field. When admin set the format then admin need to use 9 for the digit. and for the each field format use "," for separator. Ex: (999) 9999 - 9999,999 9999 9999 p-6.png

7) Admin need to configure this layout. Click on the save button and save the configuration. p-7.png

After configure plugin fields will be looks like this.







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