Google Ads Audit

( From the Labs)

by Clever Ads

Google Ads Audit is an app that will improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns (as well as Bing & Facebook in the near future) by telling them the weaknesses and strengths of their campaigns and metrics

User Guide

User guide - What will you find

Once you have installed the app and logged into your Google Ads account you will see these features:

General: You will be able to see a general score of your account.


Campaigns: It will show you campaigns with a high spend and campaigns with low quality score. It will also show you the campaign types that you’re missing that could improve the traffic you’re getting.

“Google Ads Audit will also check to see if your conversion value tag is configured well."


Keywords: In this tab you will be able to check a variety of things. This includes the ability to see which of your keywords are spending the most, which of them have the worst quality score, and whether or not you're bidding for single word keywords.

You will also get suggestions about new keywords that you could add to your campaigns.


Bids: Our bidding management system will help you optimize your campaigns based on the variables of your customer such as gender, device, age, schedules, etc.


Landing page: This shows the landing page of your Google Ads campaigns. Here you can easily check which landing pages have a low-quality score that are affecting the campaign performance.


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