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Do you want to benefit from Qlik’s features directly in your CRM? This is now made possible thanks to DataViz for Sugar. You can access it directly in Sugar and benefit from Qlik's analysis and data visualization options without changing tools. A real time saver!

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Qlik Sense

Permissions In order to perform a complete installation of the module, you will need administrator access (Root Admin, Deployment Admin or Security Admin) to your Qlik Sense Enterprise environment.

Versions The module is compatible with Qlik Sense Server versions from September 2017 to November 2019 The module is not compatible with Qlik Sense Cloud or Qlik Sense Desktop solutions.

SSL Certificates The Qlik Sense server must have a valid SSL certificate.

Qlik Sense Application At least one Qlik Sense application must be available on your environment, no application is provided with the module.

Qlik Licences and access rights Any Sugar user who can view a Qlik Sense object via the Dataviz module on his Sugar instance must have a valid Qlik license (Professional or Analyzer). The Qlik Sense user must also have valid access rights on the corresponding Qlik Sense application.


Permissions In order to make a complete installation of the module, you will need administrator access to your Sugar instance.

Versions The module is compatible with Sugar Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. Compatible versions are from 9.0 and up hosted on-site or on SugarCRM onDemand platform.

Hosting The server hosting the Sugar instance must be able to communicate with the server hosting Qlik Sense. You must ensure that all the necessary ports, proxys and firewall configurations are configured so that the 2 servers can communicate.

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