by Rolustech

Interactions with your CRM are now faster, easier, and simpler than ever! Skip logging in and navigating to the right page, and just talk to your Sugar instead.

Retrieve information, find out what your pipeline looks like, and even schedule events in Sugar with simple voice commands to your favorite voice assistant!.

RT SugarVoice ensures your voice assistant is exactly that, an assistant that you need to give simple instructions to in order to schedule meetings, receive important updates, and more.

RT SugarVoice offers has a lot of features for you to explore!

It is an integration of Alexa with Sugar that allows users to interact with various types of actions to be requested from Alexa. Users can have a proper conversation with her and get a complete overview of their day, create notes, tasks and events in the CRM talking to Alexa.

Schedule Events

Simply tell your Sugar to schedule a meeting or call and have your calendar updated without having to put any other work on hold.

Manage Your Tasks

Create tasks, assign them to other users and schedule them as you wish. Let Alexa know & she’ll do it for you.

Let Alexa Take Notes

Make a mental note out loud and have RT SugarVoice write it down within Sugar for you. Create and attach Notes to meetings, calls, tasks, contacts and leads by simply dictating them to Alexa.

Stay Updated With Your Schedule

Just ask Alexa what your day looks like, and you’ll get updates on exactly what you need to do. Get a quick summary of your day from Alexa so you know what you have planned for the day and can stay on top of things.

Add Attendees to Events

Add guests to all of your Sugar activities from the Leads and Contacts modules by name.

Get Notified for Meetings

Get notified of upcoming meetings, tasks, and calls by Alexa so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines.