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Create standardized dashboards for your users. No more having confused users missing out on what they could be doing with Sugar. This add-on gives Sugar administrators the ability to easily and quickly deploy dashboard templates to one or multiple users.

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    Verified Purchase 11:11 pm November 7th, 2016 | share link

    This is a must have plugin for Sugar, we've bought it for several of our customers!

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    Verified Purchase 8:57 am March 17th, 2016 | share link

    This module is a lifesaver if you intend to use dashboards in a uniform way - which we do. 25 staff all needing the same styles would have been a nightmare to do individually and keep updated however with this you only need to create the dashboards on one and then push them out.
    Excellent add on.

    1. synolia member avatar

      synolia Provider Affiliate

      6 years ago

      Thank you for your review. We are glad to hear that our module helped improve your Sugar experience.

      Best regards, Synolia Support

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    Verified Purchase 11:23 am July 11th, 2014 | share link

  • Add-on Rating
    Verified Purchase 6:03 pm February 24th, 2015 | share link

    No problems - rolled out standard Home module/desktop easily and quickly. Would love to see further development on adding more dashboards elsewhere in SugarCRM.

  • Add-on Rating
    1:10 am November 2nd, 2014 | share link

    I recently installed this for a client. Works really well. One thing that I expected it to do, but didn't was deploy the custom filters on module listviews. It's still an amazing value. I saw there was a general question about this feature, and it was supposed to be implemented. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. Using version

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    Verified Purchase 9:26 pm July 22nd, 2014 | share link

    It surely does the job.
    The user interface isn't all that friendly. Wish I could create a template dashboard for every user & send it out. Instead I have to create one for me & then pick the users I want to push it out too. Otherwise works great when all set up!

  • Add-on Rating
    Verified Purchase 4:30 pm October 13th, 2016

    I have a list view dashlet of cases with a filter (Cases not closed), but when i try to load the user dashboard, it reports an error. If I remove any filter, it works. It's a limitation.

  • Add-on Rating
    Verified Purchase 2:15 pm June 22nd, 2017

    Product worked in 7.5.2 then we upgraded to 7.7.2. Even with the latest patches, the plug in does not work for us.

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    Verified Purchase 5:09 pm June 15th, 2017

    My first review was deleted for reasons that I do not agree with and i think other consumers should be aware of, so I will stick to what is outlined as acceptable.

    So here is my modified review which should meet the "standards" as outlined in

    This plugin worked great until Sugar updated to 7.9. After upgrading to 7.8 and getting upgrade errors that 7.9 is not compatible, I tried to upgrade to the newest version of this plugin like i have done in the past. I could not update the plugin without repurchasing the plugin for a second time. There wasn't an upgrade path available. It only has a "new" version with the same name that forces you to repurchase a product that I had already purchased.

    When I decided to not purchase this plugin for a second time, i tried to uninstall it and it completely crashed my instance and did not fully uninstall. I was not able to recover my instance so I had to restore a backup of my former version of my Sugar code AND database to restore my instance back to a usable state. My HTTPD error log was littered with references to the plugin which was supposedly uninstalled through module loader.

    Beware that this plugin also will overwrite a users dashboards completely. If a user has Dashboards A,B ad C and you attempt to deploy dashboards X, Y and Z, it will delete the users A,B and C dashboards. This makes it so that users cannot have any self customized dashboards if you plan to constantly deploy uniform dashboards to the user base. If they make any personal changes, they will be overwritten the next time you deploy.

    1. synolia member avatar

      synolia Provider Affiliate

      5 years ago

      Hi Tmoriello,

      The changed of the payment terms was performed to have the capability to maintained the support of our add-on for every Sugar versions released. We embraced the usual yearly payment option which is the most used option on the platform that give us this capability of support. To keep our customers on board we provided a coupon to all of our previous customers which want to have an updated version and which inform us about that because we are considering that is the best option for both of us and they thank us for that.

      Regarding the uninstall problem we tried to help you as most as we can, our add-on can be uninstalled without problem because we test that step on our building process.

      Regarding the deployment of the dashboard that cannot be a surprise because the document and also the interface alert the user that the deployment will erase existing dashboard previously. That is the way we chosen after discussions with multiple customers which want exactly that way. However we are thinking about en evolution of our add-on regarding your feedback because that could be an option during the deployment. Thanks for this proposal.

      • Tmoriello member avatar

        Tmoriello Verified Purchase

        5 years ago

        Thanks for the reply, but to set the record straight for the purposes of this 1 star review, I was never informed of this change in pricing plan (which is outrageous), but not the focus of this review at all. The complete 100% focus of this review is flawed your plugin is as well as the inability to uninstall it if you chose to no longer use it anymore without corrupting an instance.

        You never tried to help with the "uninstall problem" since it JUST happened today and this is the first form of contact I've had with you regarding uninstall, so I'm not sure why you would say you tried to help me? And I never received a "coupon". How much was this "coupon"?

        Those are 3 completely false statements.

        I never said that the erasing of the existing dashboard was a surprise, I said "Beware that this plugin also will overwrite a users dashboards completely." which is an honest assessment of a serious design flaw in your plugin that needs serious improvement before this can be considered a solid solution.

      • synolia member avatar

        synolia Provider Affiliate

        5 years ago


        You Opened a case 1525 about a problem of uninstall and we replied to you to ask you information by consequence we thought that was that case by consequence that is not a false statement but a misunderstanding about a new problem and an problem yet reporting with the same title from you.

        About the coupon and like we said we provide coupon of the equivalent of previous purchased when a customer informed us that they want an updated version by consequence that is also not a false statements.

        We are understanding your unhappiness and we have also lot of happy customers which consider our add-on as a great tools.

      • Tmoriello member avatar

        Tmoriello Verified Purchase

        5 years ago

        Ah yes, case 1525 [] Which you were also unable to resolve. I tried to update Sugar from 7.2-7.5 and then again from 7.5-7.6. In Both cases, attempting to uninstall your plugin caused a system crash where sugar would not load and had to be restored from backup. So this would make the 3rd time with 3 different version of sugar and at least 2 different versions of your plugin that caused unrecoverable system crashes after attempting to uninstall your plugin because the Sugar upgrades always say its not compatible when upgrading.

        There are also cases 3139 and 2768 which other customers also had issues uninstalling. So It's not just me.

        For the "coupon" you are talking semantics. Above you quote: "To keep our customers on board we provided a coupon to all of our previous customers which want to have an updated version and which inform us about that because we are considering that is the best option for both of us and they thank us for that."

        I wanted an updated version. I came to where I purchased it. And where I would normally download your updated patch for the new Sugar version which I've done over the past 2 years, I'm greeted by not an updated patch, but an opportunity to purchase your product a SECOND time, at a yearly contract rate (instead of your previous one time charge) that is 5 times the original cost. There wasn't any wording or offers, or links on the page for existing customers to obtain a coupon for a discounted cost. I've also looked through a ton of your other documented cases on this site and not once do i see a mention of a coupon or discount when other people complain about the new subscription fee. There is no documented or obvious way for a previous customer to know they are eligible for a discounted rate.

        "we are considering that is the best option for both of us and they thank us for that" -- What customers are thanking you for making them purchase you product a second time at 5x the original cost and at not just a one time fee, but on a yearly basis? Especially for a product you cant uninstall.

        I've taken your manifest files, stripped out all the file locations, written them to a bash file and done a manual removal through a script based 100% on what is in your manifest file. After removing ALL of the files in your manifest, I can easily poke around through my directory structure and find TONS on SYNO~ files and directories still left behind. Your uninstall does not work. I've tried on 5 different versions. 7.2, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, and 7.8. Finally after 7.8 Sugar wont let you upgrade so now I'm stuck with a broken instance.

        You may have lots of happy customers, but I am definitely not one of them. And that is why you are getting one star from me. I'm not allowed to rate your customer service or pricing, so you are lucky in that regard.

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