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Don´t miss an Activity Stream mention! Get visual notifications in Sugar and on the browser tab when you are mentioned on records or in Activity Stream.

#4435 - Where are the settings etc.?

Open General Question created by ShaneMarcheson a year ago

We've deployed this add-on in UAT, but I don't see any activity notifications. Where can I find the settings in the admin module?


  1. kgm member avatar

    kgm Provider

    a year ago

    Hi Shane

    Have you run Quick Repair and Rebuild under the Repair menu í the Admin section after installing the add-on? What version of Sugar are you running?

    You are correct, there are no settings to configure and therefore no menu to be found in the Admin section.

    HTH, KGM

    • ShaneMarcheson member avatar


      a year ago

      Rebuild and repair did it! Thanks!

    • kgm member avatar

      kgm Provider

      a year ago

      Sweet! So glad that was it. Very welcome, KGM

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