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Create standardized dashboards for your users. No more having confused users missing out on what they could be doing with Sugar. This add-on gives Sugar administrators the ability to easily and quickly deploy dashboard templates to one or multiple users.

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#2857 - has development stopped on this plugin? LIST dashlets loose filters

Closed Bug? created by arcangel Verified Purchase 5 years ago

When i deploy a dashboard that has a list view dashlet - if there are filters - they are lost - which really defeats the purpose of deploying a dashaboard from an admin login - as i have to login to all the users where i have deployed the dashboard and edit the list view dashlet to apply the filters -- i have a config with about 8 dashboards - each with with list view dashlet - and deploying to 9 users -- that is 72 edits - yikes --

is this project dead?

  1. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago


    That seems odd indeed and i agree it defats the purpose of the module. We would really like to identify and fix this issue as soon as possible. Can you provide us with the versions of the module you have installed (check in "Admin>Module Loader") and your Sugar version and edition?

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

    Kind regards, Synolia Support

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