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#4150 - Mapping Assigned User field

Closed General Question created by marbar Verified Purchase 3 years ago

Hi support i mapped the Hubspot field "Contact Owner" to the "Assigned User" field in Sugar . Even if the user name is the same (eg "Paul White") , in Sugar i dont receive the user name but the hubspot user id

Actually, the Sugar "Assigned User" fields expects to be populated withe the Sugar user ID

The Sugar field to be filled with the readable username is "Assigned User Name" , but it's not available for mapping . Is there a way to make it available ?

thank you

  1. polarstrategy member avatar

    Polar Strategy

    3 years ago

    Hi Marco,

    Sugar Assigned User is a relate field and require the Sugar User's ID. As we don't have Sugar User's IDs in Hubspot so mapping Contact owner to Assigned User field won't work as expected. As a workaround, you can create a new text field in Sugar and map it to Hubspot's Contact Owner field.

    Thank you.

    • marcobaracco member avatar

      marbar Verified Purchase

      3 years ago

      Well i did something different, i created a dropdown of owners on the Hubspot side (different from the Hubspot users list) , where the LABEL is "Name Surname" and "INTERNAL VALUE" is the CRM user code. This way the Assigned User field in Sugar is populated correctly

      Thank you, the ticket can be closed

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