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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3325 Header, Excel, PDF toolbar does not appear in listview. SugarCRM 6.5.26 - Header, Excel, PDF toolbar does not appear in listview. SugarCRM 6.5.26 johnmurray Open Bug?
#3204 Does not work as described - Hello, they clearly stated that this works with ondemand instance. And it does not work with ondeman nicholashreagan Open Bug?
#1638 Problem with the "Working in progress" popup in Chrome - Hello, The Working in progress popup which opens while exporting data is not working in Chrome wh sebastienmermet Open Bug?
#1632 Responsive theme ? - this theme is responsive? rodrigo Open General Question
#1619 Easy Theme Live Demo - Hi, Could you please provide live demo details to assess before we proceed to purchase EasyTheme. Jiten Open General Question
#1539 Theme does not save color settings - Theme does not save color settings michaelalanstuart Open Bug?
#1491 installation does not work - Hello, We just purchased EasyTheme and SugarPrint for our SuiteCRM 7.2.2 (Sugar 6.5.20) and it is mattsohn Open Installation
#1183 Installation & Features for Reports & Print Feature - I am looking for report module and print report module, can we see the demo for a month to test how brijeshkumar In Progress General Question
#822 EasyTheme didn't seem to have any effect on my system - Installing EasyTheme didn't seem to have any effect on my system. Could Advamced OpenAdmin/The dan1 Open Bug?
#821 report hangs - SUgarprint frequently hangs. I'm generating a report on 298 records. The dialog says "Wo dan1 Open Bug?
#560 Colors in 2.5 version - Hello, In 2.4 version color configuration I have found that there are 5 colors options for all scr vytenis Open General Question
#535 excel report - hi, I installed EasyTheme 2.5 on SugarCRM CE 6.5.16. I have found the following malfunction in th ExeuraKBI Open Bug?
#523 During export to excel some text fileds are incorectly converted to numeric - Lets try to write WKESD000000612891 in Sugar text field. After Export to Excel you will get 612891 vytenis Open Bug?
#500 Unable to generate any reports - Hi, I am unable to generate any report, always staying at same screen work in progress. Please advis sajeed0786 Open General Question
#337 Unable to run Excel Report - Hello Marco Have been using the pdf reports and this works as it should, tried to run an excel re Glen Open Bug?
#300 Error Message Every TIme Refresh Page - Just installed EasyTheme 2.5 on Sugar CE 6.5 and i am getting an error message every time i refresh Hugh Closed General Question
#291 Top Menu "Home" Button" - after updating from 2.4 t0 2.5, noticed our logo in the upper right hand corner of the menu bar, th Glen Open Feature
#277 pdf en excel problem - After a good installation on my server this problem occurs when using the pdf or excel option. I hav itsbert Closed Bug?
#265 The sort is lost every time when I open listview - Lets try to sort descending case by create date. When I leave cases module and return back I have fo vytenis Closed Bug?
#258 Issue with them polling custom module subpanel? - Hi, We're trying to get going using the theme but have run into an issue where the module g fxws Closed General Question
#242 Subpanels toolbar not working for old userse - Hi, I've an issue with subpanel toolbar that is only working for "new" users (i.e. lcharbonnier Closed Bug?
#232 no logo at all appears in homepage - in sugar CE 6.5.14 the sugar logo or our corportate logo do not appear! Please help. mac Closed Bug?
#225 Buttons Missing After Install - I just bought the Easy Theme. There is a problem. I Installed the last version. I can't se the joseluisciccio Closed General Question
#224 Videos on home page have NO audio! - Your home page has nice video of the usage of the theme but the audio portion does not work and we p mrlaw10 Closed General Question
#209 Unable to install Theme - Dear ladies and gentlemen, today I bought the Easy Theme for SugarCRM and tried to install it on andreas.epping Closed Installation
#208 CSS Failure After Installing Theme - Hi, I have installed the theme and then used the Admin controls to swtich to the new "Classic& michael_rightsite Closed Bug?
#203 Can't get charts to show - Using Version 6.5.14, I've tried unsuccessfully all tries to create charts. I select data, cri centralpoint Closed Bug?
#202 Subpanel/Header buttons not working properly - Using Version 6.5.14, in testing Easy Theme, the Header and Subpanel buttons are not working correct centralpoint Closed Bug?
#177 How can I add a small logo in the header. - Where I can put our small logo to the header of the theme? zagosweden Closed Feature
#171 Professional Version - is there any way for professional version to use it? crazydan Closed Feature
#163 Reports, Excel, Details not showing. - Reports, Excel, Details button panel not desplaying on all screens as before. Shows up when account rshields11 Closed Bug?
#158 Only half of logo file is on the screen - I have see view like this: Sometimes vytenis Closed Bug?
#155 Subpanels are blank - After click subpanels I receive error when I move mouse over the name of record. Messege text is be vytenis Closed Bug?
#153 Dont work at all on 6.5.13 CE version - Dont work, just switching between both Classic theme without result mobilesoft365 Closed Bug?
#114 Reports never generate - Running 6.5.12 Clicking PDF on a list screen gives the pop-up that the report is generating, but the dgreene Closed Bug?
#98 Easy Theme Installs but doesn't appear to work with SugarCRM CE Version 6.5.11 (Build 8754) - I've followed the very limited documentation - no errors on install. disabled classic theme, r dgreene Closed Bug?
#88 Them Issue - Hello We purchased the Themes today. But we found a issue in the Accounts View not showing the bu Lloyd Closed Feature
#81 Installation doesn't work with 6.5.10 - I tried to install in SugarCRM CE 6.5.10. The package is uploaded correctly. Whe maajussi Closed Bug?
#62 color change does not work, setup.php bring up an Error - We are using Sugarcrm CE version 6.5.10 with the current packet <<Easy> rsmuser Closed Bug?
#53 Can user seelct betyween Easy Theme, or going back to sugar theme - It wasn;t 100% clear from your text, if each user could go forwards/back to Easy theme. Or either A DJUser_UK_Kent Closed Feature
#52 Subpanels toolbar - question: can the user set a default? - Does the softawe already do this: A user-configurable default, so that whenever they open (eg anAac DJUser_UK_Kent Closed Feature
#42 Easytheme Not Fully working on 6.5.6 - Just uploaded the Easy Theme and i get the following nonoperational... subpanels appear bu do not w Glen Closed Bug?
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