If you are looking to spruce up SugarCRM CE to make it more useful, cleaner and less confusing, you might want to consider EasyTheme, a theme that includes reporting features, without having to purchase a separate module or upgrade to SugarCRM Pro!

EasyTheme takes much of the clutter in the default SugarCRM CE theme and intelligently organizes it behind dropdown menus. Ever notice how the detail view of your records seemingly contains a jumble of subpanels? EasyTheme hides them behind tabs for a more compact and easier to view format.

The confusingly-placed Recently Viewed bar is gone too. EasyTheme has converted it into a dropdown menu by the site map and reporting buttons on the right side of the page. It also condensed the administration links, such as the Admin panel and Employees pages into a dropdown menu too.

Reporting distinguishes EasyTheme from many other themes and it’s an additional feature in a separate Pro version of the theme. The two versions of EasyTheme, Basic and Pro, do not differ in visuals. Both provides a clean, organized visual layout and color scheme, but EasyTheme Pro integrates some basic PDF reporting features in addition to the theme.

The reporting abilities of EasyTheme Pro are fairly minimal compared to the paid versions of SugarCRM, but they are still notably convenient. Any detail or list view in SugarCRM can be turned into a table report, or graphically represented with bar and pie charts. For numerical data, EasyTheme Pro even lets you calculate the sum, average, and count of the values in numeric fields and displays them on the chart. This can be quite handy for viewing, say, the average dollar figure amount your Opportunities are closing or being lost at.

Another nice feature of EasyTheme is the ability to easily change the primary color of the theme to match your company. Simply navigate to the EasyTheme setup page, select a color, run a Quick Repair and you’re done.

Whether you want reporting features or not, you can dramatically and easily improve the usability of SugarCRM at a great price with EasyTheme.