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Reporting and Theme Efficiencies All Wrapped in One. A SugarCRM theme and reporting tool all wrapped into one plan. Increase productivity with this feature-rich, configurable theme and easily create professional reports

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EasyTheme offers a user-friendly interface with custom, configurable color options and a new toolbar makes it easy to find the record you need. Additional features include reporting and horizontal subpanel tab layouts.

New version for EasyTheme:2.5

New look and feel!

The new version is available with a lot of new features:
* Hide/Show Search forms in any Listview
* Show Details: show subpanels of a record in Listview just moving mouse over his name
* Subpanels toolbar that remember last subpanel you have used
* Export data from Listview in Excel format
* Export data from Detailsview in Excel format: subpanel data are separated per sheet
* Dynamic Quick create dropdown to collect your actions
* New report feature: it shows only summary values and more ...

It comes with an Administrative module which makes configuration a breeze (max top menu modules number, any colors of the theme, and settings for PDF layout).

Remembe, ,Easy theme is for any SugarCRM CE instance.

All videos of new release

  • Hide and Show Buttons

  • Header and Subpanel feature

  • EasyTheme Subpanels toolbar

  • Settings colors and others features

Theme Features

  • Hide/Show Search forms in any Listview
  • Drop down menu for grouped modules
  • Custom color theme
  • Easy navigation
  • Subpanels toolbar
  • Show subpanels of a record in Listview just moving mouse over his name
  • Show header of a record in Listview just moving mouse over his name
  • Dynamic QuickCreate menu bar: it's collects any shortcut for creating records

Subpanels are organized in a more compact and easier to view format:

Reporting Features

  • Group based reports on the list view
  • Sum, Average, and Count reports on the list view
  • Pie and bar charts on the list view
  • Customizable PDF layout
  • Print any view including list, detail (including subpanels), and calendar views in PDF format

See all feature and demo of SugarPrint at:


Demo server of SugarPrint

You can access the demonstration of SugarPrint with the following credentials:

user: will
pass: willsugarprint

Login and try it yourself on a Detail view, List view or Calendar view.

Go to SugaPrint Live Demo

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