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#258 - Issue with them polling custom module subpanel?

Closed General Question created by fxws Verified Purchase 8 years ago


We're trying to get going using the theme but have run into an issue where the module gets stucking loading data from custom module subpanels. Upon further inspection we came across this merror:

The requested URL /SugarCE/themes/Easy-Theme20/php/Notice: Undefined index: _tableheaderarray in /usr/share/SugarCE/themes/Easy-Theme20/php/report_detailview.php on line 37Notice: Undefined index: _tablealignarray in /usr/share/SugarCE/themes/Easy-Theme20/php/report_detailview.php on line 38Notice: Undefined index: _subpanelname in /usr/share/SugarCE/themes/Easy-Theme20/php/report_detailview.php on line 41Notice: Undefined index: _tablebodyarraypanel in /usr/share/SugarCE/themes/Easy-Theme20/php/report_detailview.php on line 42Notice: Undefined index: _tablebodyarray in /usr/share/SugarCE/themes/Easy-Theme20/php/report_detailview.php on line 43Notice: Undefined index: _tablebodyarraypanel in /usr/share/SugarCE/themes/Easy-Theme20/php/report_detailview.php on line 102_temp/524b9da11f089.pdf was not found on this server.

Any idea what could be the cause? It does the countdown thing but keeps going infinitely it appears. On modules that do not have relationships to the two affected custom modules, the theme works fine. It seems to get trapped on some related subpanels.


Jomar McDonald

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