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#208 - CSS Failure After Installing Theme

Closed Bug? created by michael_rightsite 10 years ago

Hi, I have installed the theme and then used the Admin controls to swtich to the new "Classic" theme that the module creates.

However, after doing this it appears that the CSS fails to load. The site loads as a single column of text with no CSS at all.

Is this possibly a permissions issue with the directory that was created during the theme upload?



  1. marcomm member avatar

    Sugar-project Provider Affiliate

    10 years ago

    yes it is a permission problem.

    But it is related to your server. Easy theme install uses a standard SugarCRm install method. if you want i can help you. I need to know if you are familiar with Firebug (from Mozilla) otherwise if I can login in your system i can check all bad permissions.

    I can also send you a note about correct permission on file system for SugarCRM

    Tell what is the best for you


    • michael_rightsite member avatar


      10 years ago

      Hi Marco,

      I can handle fixing the permissions and I am familiar with Firebug. If you can tell me what to look for, I think I can handle this.



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