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#53 - Can user seelct betyween Easy Theme, or going back to sugar theme

Closed Feature created by DJUser_UK_Kent 10 years ago

It wasn;t 100% clear from your text, if each user could go forwards/back to Easy theme. Or either ALL Users get Easy theme, or none.

You wrote: "If necessary, that Classic theme remains in use, users can still easily choose the theme based on Theme image (click on the user name in the top right and then editing the user profile to choose the theme)."

Maybe you can repohrase that text to explain clearer?

  1. marcomm member avatar

    Sugar-project Provider Affiliate

    10 years ago

    Yes, each user could go forwards / back to EasyTheme. As for the traditional themes of SugarCRM. The phrase only indicates that the image of the Theme will help user to choose. In the new version (a few days) of EasyTheme all reporting functionality and the toolbar of supanels will also be available for the standard theme of SugarCRM. If you wish a demo please send me an e-mail

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