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#1217 - FayeBSG refusing to fix product bug

Open Bug? created by jgalasso 4 years ago

My name is Joe Galasso (585) 750-1487. Please call me today. On February 13, I purchased SugarCRM Constant Contact Integration application from you. As you may or may not know the SugarCRM Constant Contact Integration, application is a FayeBSG solution. I have been working on installing and implementing this product for close to five (5) weeks. This is a small application and it should have taken about 4-5 hours to install and implement. I need your help. During the past five (5) weeks, I have discovered three (3) bugs in their product. I worked with Scott Miller from FayeBSG and he and his team have resolved two (2) of the three (3) bugs. However, Scott Miller is refusing to fix the third and I hope the final bug. Will you please connect with your contact at FayeBSG and ask them to work with me to solve the third product bug?

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  • "Very smooth and efficient integration between SugarCRM and Constant Contact. Easy to install and configure. Their tech support is outstanding."

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