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Are you wondering if your employees are satisfied with your CRM ? User Satisfaction gives you the answer ! This module allows you to collect feedback from your teams regarding the use of your tool and thus, to adapt it according to their feedback. It's up to you !

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Installation Guide

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS To install and use the module, you must have an original Sugar version where you have administrative rights. Your Sugar original source code must not be changed so that the installation can be done in the best conditions. The customizations done using the Studio are supported.

This module is compatible with all editions of Sugar with the 8.x & 9.x versions.

SYNOLIA cannot be held responsible for the use you make of this module. The User Satisfaction module must not be enabled by the CRM administrator on the mobile device.

INSTALLATION User Satisfaction module is installed like a standard module using the « module loader » in the Developer Tools of the Administration section of your Sugar.


To install the package, search for the archive using the “Browse” Choose File button (1), click on the “Upload” button (2).

![User-Satisfaction-Synolia-Sugar-Install-2.png](![User-Satisfaction-Synolia-Sugar-Install-4.png]( "User-Satisfaction-Synolia-Sugar-Install-5.png") "User-Satisfaction-Synolia-Sugar-Install-4.png")

Once uploaded, it will show up in the available modules list. Click on the “Install” button to start the installation process.


Accept the license terms and click on “Commit” to install.


The installation is automatic, wait until the following screen appears :


SWITCH OFF MOBILE DISPLAY The ‘User Satisfaction’ module must not be activated on the mobile application. In the Administration, go to the module « Mobile ».


The "User Satisfaction" module must be positioned among the deactivated ones.


UNINSTALL This module can be uninstalled using the << Module loader >> in the Administration section.

![User-Satisfaction-Synolia-Sugar-install_1.png]( "User-Satisfaction-Synolia-Sugar-install_6.png")

Simply click on the << Uninstall >> button. User-Satisfaction-Synolia-Sugar-install_2.png

Choose if you want to keep or delete tables and click on << Commit >> to start the uninstall process.


Once the module is uninstalled, click on << Back to Module Loader >>.


Click on « Manage Dashboards »


Delete the homepages ‘User Satisfaction’

Remove any dashled based on either the User Satisfaction dashlet or entity (list view).

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