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Organization Chart for SugarCRM allows visual representation of your own organization and companies you do business with. Quickly see all the Contacts related to a company you are calling on.

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What if not all users are showing up in the Org Chart

Make sure missing users are marked as Active status
Make sure a user isn't reporting to another user that reports to them
By default we display users

Org Chart loads slowly

This is usually due to user images being large and taking time to load onto the page

Can the fields be changed to user different or custom user fields.

By default we do not support this out of the box. If you would like different or additional fields please contact us
at Regular text fields should be able to be added but related, dropdown, or other type of fields may only allow viewing and not edit.

Can custom modules be included

Please contact us directly for pricing on custom modules. As long as there is some structure like the Account Parent or reports to field as with Contacts and Users we should be able to configure for custom modules

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