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Who reassigned this call? When was the status field adjusted? The SugarCRM Calls module doesn't allow Auditing the same way as other modules do. Fix that with this quick add-on.

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Installation Guide

Install and Configure Audit Calls

1. Locate the File

Locate the SugarCRM plugin on your computer. This will be named

2. Log in as an Admin

As a SugarCRM Administrative user, access the Module Loader tool.

3. Upload and Install the Plugin

Click "Upload" and select the file from your computer. Click to install the module, following the prompts as you go. Once the module is installed, the change is complete.

4. Select Fields to Audit

Open SugarCRM Studio, navigate to the Calls module and select Fields. Select a field you wish to audit (e.g. Status or Assigned User). Click the "Audit" checkbox and click Save. From this point forward, changes to this field will be logged in the auditing system.

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