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Proximity searches are becoming more essential to businesses every day. Sales and marketing teams use them to organize field visits and campaigns. The real estate industry use them to offer better alternative locations to their customers. Hotel, travel and tourism businesses use them to offer various accommodation options and places to visit. How will you use it?

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4618 The add on is not working correctly - When I search a zip code for example the information which comes up is not what is supposed to come amyf Open Bug?
#4601 Support for SuiteCRM v8! - Dear Sirs, Do you have any support for SuiteCRM v8 with Proximity search add-on? Best Regards, it12 Open General Question
#4585 Latest Proximity search for SuiteCRM 7.11.18! - Dear all, Can you please send me the link to the latest Proximity search for the SuiteCRM. Bes it12 Open General Question
#4574 configuration error with Proximity Search - Our mutual client owns the proximity search add on. They are getting the following error when atte chinogba Open Installation
#4543 Field Mapping - drag&drop seems possible but doesnt work - we try to adapt the configuration of the list view fields (FIeld Mapping) but we do not manage to d stephanieschraml Open Bug?
#4542 "Map" Button only shows grey and states "no Data" - although Accounts are in data results - Spatial proximity is used since years - but now - "map" viewer doesnt word 1. Accounts are listed i stephanieschraml Open Bug?
#4540 Can't update from version 2.5-SuiteCRM 7.11.18 - Hi Guys, Can you share us the way that we can update to newer 2.7 version on SuiteCRM 7.11.18? I it12 Open Installation
#4536 Is there an update for Sugar 11? - Sugar updated this weekend now the map doesn't work. Is there an update available? amyf Open General Question
#4441 SuiteCRM error! - Dear Sirs, We have this error appearing in our SuiteCRM installation? Can you please advise. Than it12 Open General Question
#4386 Multiple bugs with Sugar 10 - There are several issues related to Sugar's update to release 10. - when you first hit proximity se Open Bug?
#4343 Version for Sugar 10.0 - We're using Sugar 9.3 and seeing a bug with the version that is available for us to download. Can yo astryker Open Bug?
#4311 Trouble loading map in Sugar - Hello, I recently installed the proximity search plugin to our Sugar database, but I'm still not ab astryker Open Bug?
#4306 filter on search results - Is there a way to filter on what I'll call the legend? We have company types represented by the col Open Feature
#4305 Export list only pulls first page - When we select the select all checkbox and export, it only selects the first page. For example, we Open Bug?
#3989 Mobile App - Can you provide any additional documentation on how to set this add on up for Mobile view? ddimick Open Feature
#3988 When clicking map view all I see is a white screen - Last week I could see the information on the map view but this week it is just a white screen. Did ddimick Open Bug?
#3873 REQUEST_DENIED - Hello, after installing Proximity Search, I'm getting a google maps API error. I tried to setup ac thdillinger Open Bug?
#3759 'No record found' - Hi, I have just installed Proximity search and have followed the API installation instructions all jamese Open Installation
#3727 Lat & Long Stopped Working - The geocoding has stopped working. We have 10,000+ records and approximately 5,800 have not been ge ewikander Closed Bug?
#3702 Lat & Long info not updating - Our version has stopped updating longitude and latitude details for our accounts. We have around 2, nathantower Open Bug?
#3637 Please filled at least one Address, City, State, or Zip Code - When clicking the Proximity Search button on an Accounts/Leads/Contacts record we are getting the fo ddimick Closed Bug?
#3604 Proximity search on app - We purchased the proximity search and it working great on the web, but not on our Sugar CRM app...ho amyf Closed General Question
#3594 Proximity Search button not appearing on indexed module (Accounts) - So I installed the plugin, got everything working but the Proximity Search button is only appearing rtroni Closed Installation
#3366 Not updating geocode information - First issue I had was that the current instructions do not work with the current google api policy. parsonsf Closed Bug?
#3353 Radius Selection - Is there a way to customize the radius drop down? In our business we really need a 3 mile radius o ddimick Closed General Question
#3300 Loading Please Wait - I have installed the add-on and and when I click on the proximity search module and plug in and add ddimick Closed General Question
#3298 on demand service - The instructions for creating this on an ondemand installation are a bit confusing for a novice user randrews Closed General Question
#3152 Unable to get Scheduled Job to run successfully - I've installed and verified the Google API key is functional, however, each time that the Proximity mhernandez Closed Installation
#3091 Increase the amount of records that can be added to a target list or exported - We love the proximity search module. It's saved us huge amount of time. One enhancement that wou nathantower Closed Feature
#3036 Compatible with App? - Hi, I'm looking fora a solution that could show Accounts in a 'nearby' or search area in the UK. keithhardy Closed General Question
#2998 Request for Km's instead of Miles - Just wanted to put our hand up as a country who use Km's instead of miles. Would love the ability nathantower Closed Feature
#2986 Can't find "Proximity-Search-Mediator.php" - We've just downloaded the module and plan to install tonight. As we are an on-demand instance we nathantower Closed Installation
#2799 Longitude and Latitude In - Hi I am based in Zambia, Africa. We cannot rely on Address as a marker on most maps systems. We t frahmed99 Closed Feature
#2660 'You are here' is incorrec - Good Morning - In our situation, we are using only contacts module. I can put any address I want jasonmpress Closed Bug?
#2616 Proximity Search not working - We purchased the proximity search tool a while back and were trying to install but it was not workin thammonds Closed Installation
#2606 Error on search: REQUEST DENIED - When doing a Proximity Search we are getting an error REQUEST_DENIED: Browser API keys cannot have r Jackal Software Closed Bug?
#2591 Map from button on Contact Module not working - First, I'd just note that we've had a lot of success with your product since you released the new ve jasonmpress Closed Bug?
#2552 I can't figure out how to use proximity....I keep getting "no data" - Hello, I downloaded the trial but I can't figure out how to use it... The whole google API cod bwiegers Closed Installation
#2521 Possible to change columns - Hello I just setup this app in our On-Demand app. Its only finding a few addresses here and there, sbsadmin Closed General Question
#2494 Customize Filtering Based on Other Fields - Good Afternoon - I just installed your software into our instance of SugarCRM. However, the restr jasonmpress Closed Feature
#2485 Custom fields for address and statuses! - Dear Sirs, We have just installed your proximity search add-on and I have few question about it. it12 Closed General Question
#2482 Get strange error when I try and run a query - When I try and run a query on leads in a certain area, I get the following error: DataTables warn ctsafos Closed Bug?
  • "It does what it says it does and more. Map custom fields for your address, map field indicator, and more."

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