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Proximity searches are becoming more essential to businesses every day. Sales and marketing teams use them to organize field visits and campaigns. The real estate industry use them to offer better alternative locations to their customers. Hotel, travel and tourism businesses use them to offer various accommodation options and places to visit. How will you use it?

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#3300 - Loading Please Wait

Closed General Question created by ddimick 5 years ago

I have installed the add-on and and when I click on the proximity search module and plug in and address and hit search result it just says loading... and Please Wait but never finishes loading. The same thing happens when I click on a lead or account and click proximity search. Any suggestions on what may be the issue?

SugarCRM Professional, Version (Build 50)


  1. dipeshpatel member avatar

    Offshore Evolution Pvt Ltd Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Did you set Google API keys in module? Please follow below steps to generate Google application and API keys.

    Please share your Skype ID for quick help.

    My Skype :: offshoreevolution

  2. ddimick member avatar


    5 years ago

    I did a repair and rebuild and I believe the issue has been resolved. Please close out the case.

    Thank you

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  • "Very helpful. We can check for clients in the area and arrange for visits. A great investment as it lets us really maximize the money we spend on travel and exhibiting."

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