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Proximity searches are becoming more essential to businesses every day. Sales and marketing teams use them to organize field visits and campaigns. The real estate industry use them to offer better alternative locations to their customers. Hotel, travel and tourism businesses use them to offer various accommodation options and places to visit. How will you use it?

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#3091 - Increase the amount of records that can be added to a target list or exported

Closed Feature created by nathantower 6 years ago

We love the proximity search module. It's saved us huge amount of time.

One enhancement that would be quite useful would be the ability to export / send to target list more than 100 records at a time. We have cases where we'd like to email every account within 90km's of a location which may end up being 500-2000 records. Any chance of adding this functionality?

Keep up the good work.


  1. dipeshpatel-primary-contact member avatar

    Dear Nathan

    There is an option to select all searched records. For select all records – please click on “Select All” link instead of checkbox. “Select All” link available exact below of checkbox.

    Thanks Team Offshore Evolution

  2. nathantower member avatar


    6 years ago

    Ok. That's perfect. We should have realised that. Thanks again.

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