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Find Duplicates BEFORE You Save! Instead of waiting until after you enter a new record's information to know if it's a duplicate, know after the first field if you're working on a duplicate. Say NO to redundant data! Improve your SugarCRM data quality by being prompted of duplicate values while creating new records.

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#3341 Email And Mobile duplicate detector - Hi, We are using SuiteCRm Version 7.5.3 Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061). We are looking for a p mayuresh.rahatekar Closed General Question
#3241 Files moved to desktop, not elimaited - I don't understand how it works. I drag 20 or so files over, i am asked if I want to remove the on Diannedarcy Closed Feature
#2948 Contacts cannot be deleted - I installed Duplicate Detector and now I cannot delete contacts. When trying to delete them I either pbiber Closed Bug?
#2635 Check for Duplicates - I think that I misunderstood what this could do when I purchased. I was under the impression that i mattmiers Closed Feature
#2453 Multiple feilds - I have just installed and I do not see how to configure if 2 separate fields need to match, example Paul Bonnallie Closed General Question
#2272 Compatibility - Does this work with version 7.6? daustin Closed General Question
#2245 Dupdetector config doesn´t work - Hi, I just purchase the add-on and I can´t config the module. I can only select the module an felipesilvaluco Closed Bug?
#2190 Duplicate Detector on SuiteCRM keeps showing Processing symbol for long time (on average 15 - 20 minutes per field) - SuiteCRM Version 7.6.2 After installing Duplicate Detector, add-on is taking an average of 15 - 2 pavannair Closed Bug?
#1926 Cant save any Account after installing duplicate detector - I have Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001) and after installing Duplicate Detector i cant save any Acc administrator1 Closed Bug?
#1852 Does it work for import wizard of custom modules? - Hi, Was wondering, does duplicate check work on custom modules? geraldinetay27 Closed General Question
#1819 Upgrade to SugarCRM - Hi, will this module be updated to work with Sugar Thanks for your time and patience mpeet1 Closed General Question
#1766 The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: - I'm getting this message when I attempt to load the module. Please comment and if not compatible, bpicard Closed General Question
#1748 Duplicate Detector not working on our Suite CRM version - request for refund - Dear SugarOutfitters Team, we have made a purchase of the Duplicate Detector, however this plugi felixblum Closed Bug?
#1519 Multiple fields in contact - When we select multiple fields in the contact for dedup check (First Name and Last Name), the softwa vishal.mehra Closed Bug?
#1307 Compatible with SugarCRM - See subject. Would love to try this out. Hope to hear from you soon. -Freddy fareedjreisat Closed General Question
#1199 Adjusting How Accurate "Duplicate" is - I have an existing record Bluecoin Ltd, if I create a new record with just Bluecoin it is not detect suitexprt Closed General Question
#1197 Detect duplicate email address - Does Duplicate Detector find duplicates based on email address? That is key for me to purchase. padamson Closed General Question
#1162 Record won't save when implemented - Hey Sugar 6.5.16 onsite running a LAMP stack Most modules it appears to be working OK. Tried to i mpeet1 Closed Bug?
#1125 Custom modules - Hi, couldn't see on your documentation if the Duplicate Detector works on custom modules? Thanks mpeet1 Closed General Question
#1052 Broken Graphic link for SuiteCRM - I see that the link to the helpInLine.gif file has been hardcoded to the following path. themes/Sug vishal.mehra Closed Bug?
#1008 how to search about accounts duplicated - how to search about accounts duplicated aymanebrahim Closed Feature
#888 It is compatible with Leads - It is compatible with Leads Davidrc Closed General Question
#833 Duplicate Detector and Security Suite - Does Security Suite have any impact on finding duplicates ? For instance if two users withing two Thumpermat Closed General Question
#794 Doesnt work on all fields - I added it to custom modules, works on some of them, but not all. Waste of time. Yes they are text websolprov Closed Bug?
#650 Configuration doesn't work - Hello, I installed the add-on very well. But in Dubdetector configuration the two buttons "Edi guillaume Closed Installation
#612 Email addresses - Does this not work with email address duplicates? I would say thats the number one way current syste dbphoto84 Closed General Question
#506 Duplicate save - Half works! If you use the Sugar DetailView 'Duplicate' button functionality, you can then save the agcopley Closed Bug?
#385 Account dup checking not working on Name field - I have setup the settings to verify the account name - however, this is not working correctly. It w jenndunn12m Closed Bug?
#363 It would be great to show the name field or allow the user to show whatever popup fields they want when there is a duplicate found - Right now, I created a custom field called form_id against which I want this great product to preven Closed Feature
#348 Loading page, please wait screen does not complete - 1. Create a record and save 2. Create another record with the same values as the duplicate detector Closed Bug?
#347 Duplicate check is not initated when Duplicate button is pressed on DetailView - 1. Create a record 2. Access the record in detailview 3. Press duplicate 4. Press Save Result: I Closed Bug?
  • "This application is just what we are looking for. Duplication is such a huge issue with CRM systems and can be a nightmare to manage and fix. With this plugin, we save time and notify people that the entry already exists. The customer service and support have been outstanding."

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