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Enforce specific user configurations and control how individual users can access those settings to streamline your onboarding process. Let the platform customize and uphold your user settings.

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Onboarding On Point

Upsert® Preference Enforcer for SugarCRM will save admins countless hours when onboarding new users, while also ensuring that users set their preferences in alignment with the company's goals.

Admins can use Upsert® Preference Enforcer to assign user profile options like module tab layout, theme option, label placement, locale settings, and more. The options can be pushed out to individual users or all users in selected teams or roles.

Upsert® Preference Enforcer

Key Benefits & Features

New-User Onboarding

As you introduce new team members to Sugar, you'll leverage Upsert® Preference Enforcer to fine tune all of their preferences before they even log in.

Push Preferences to Users, Teams, or Roles

Users within a particular team or role may all have the same preference profile, while some users may require unique settings of their own. The admin can add any combination of users, teams, and roles to a given preference profile.

Up-First Module Tab Layouts

You didn't spend weeks setting up custom modules for your instance just to have new users log in and see stock Sugar tabs that aren't relevant. Now you can simply choose which tabs new users will see in their navigation bars and in what order. You can even set up different tab layouts for different user roles so that Support Agents see cases up first and Sellers see their leads and opportunities.

New-Feature Suppression

Did Sugar just release a user preference that you don't want users messing with? Would changing the Field Label Placement or switching to the Dark Mode theme break your custom layouts? Use the Preference Enforcer to stop users from trying out options that will have a negative impact on their experience.

Enforce Forever or Just Initially

Maybe you need users to keep a preference the way you set it forever. Or maybe you have a good idea of what users might prefer, but want them to be able to adjust their preferences later. It's up to you how long the Preference Enforcer will force a particular setting for a user or group.

View Users' Enforced Settings

Admins can view the full result of all the preferences enforced to user even when enforced through a role or team.

Upsert® Preference Enforcer is compatible with:

  • Sugar Sell (all Editions, Serve, Enterprise, and Professional products
  • Versions 10.0 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site

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