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Is keeping track of customer outreach a struggle? With the "Keep In Touch" add-on, you can set how often you want to check in with your target prospects, leads or contacts, such as a call every 30 day’s and a site visit every 90 days.

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Let the Platform Keep Track

Using the "Keep In Touch" add-on, you can establish a regular check-in schedule with target prospects, leads, or contacts. For example, you could set up a system of calling them every 30 days and visiting their site every 90 days. Additionally, you have the ability to create different rules for KIT, such as those for inside sales or field sales.

The frequency is set individually for each contact, rather than being the same for all. This is because every customer relationship is different, and a shorter period of time may be appropriate for one contact while a longer period may be more sensible for another.

For each contact, you have the option to set one or more contact frequencies (KIT activity). Once the scheduled KIT activity is completed, another KIT activity with a configured interval will be automatically created.



  • Flexible contact scheduling: Keep In Touch lets you determine how often you want to check in with your target contacts. To do this, you can create individual contact schedules for each contact, such as a call every 30 days and a site visit every 90 days.
  • Individual KIT rules: Different KIT rules can be set depending on whether the contact is an office or field contact. In this way, you can ensure that each contact receives the best possible care.
  • Optimize customer contact frequency: With Keep In Touch you can ensure that you are in regular contact with your customers. This helps you build a good relationship and increases customer loyalty.
  • Increased efficiency: With the ability to create individual contact plans and KIT rules, you can optimize your customer contact and make it more efficient. This gives you more time for other tasks.
  • More transparency: Keep In Touch provides a clear overview of all customer contacts and activities. So you always have an overview and can react quickly to customer concerns.


The module is compatible with Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve. If you are on Sugar Enterprise (On-Premise) you need to contact us before you make the purchase to make sure we can support your stack, software version, configurations etc

Set-up Package (optional)

With this package you can get our product experts to work and solve issues, eg with existing individual Sugar customizations or an On-Premises installation, to accelerate time to value. It contains access to our product development team and includes a contingent of 1.5 hours of work valid for 60 days after purchase.

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