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Find Duplicates BEFORE You Save! Instead of waiting until after you enter a new record's information to know if it's a duplicate, know after the first field if you're working on a duplicate. Say NO to redundant data! Improve your SugarCRM data quality by being prompted of duplicate values while creating new records.

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#1197 - Detect duplicate email address

Closed General Question created by padamson 7 years ago

Does Duplicate Detector find duplicates based on email address? That is key for me to purchase.

  1. urdhvatech member avatar

    urdhvatech Provider Affiliate

    7 years ago

    Hello, No, Duplicate detector is not supporting Email Address type. As of now SugarCRM Field type supported is Varchar, Name and Phone.

    Thanks & Regards, Team Urdhva Tech

  2. rasselman member avatar

    pbiber Verified Purchase

    5 years ago

    Email address is logically THE best field to be able to detect duplicates on. Can you advise when this will be implemented? Likely this will effect whether or not we purchase.

  3. urdhvatech member avatar

    urdhvatech Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Hello rasselman,

    The email address field type is tightly designed to the core changes. We had thought of incorporating email duplicate checks. Because we want the plugin to be UpgradeSafe (Not touching the core files) we haven't check duplicates on email address field.

    However if you require we can give you a unupgradesafe solution to it, Nothing to worry much by unupgradesafe, It won't harm anything. Unupgradesafe means whenever you upgrade your CRM, there would be chances of our changes being removed. However the changes can be kept back.

    Though we are looking into it if we can get that as upgradesafe solution.

    Let us know if you really need email duplicate checks and if possible unupgradesafe way.

    Thanks & Regards, Team Urdhva Tech

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