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Make communicating with customers through the Sugar Portal via notes easier and more intuitive! This add-on provides a familiar chat window on Cases so you don't have to click all over subpanels and record views just to talk to customers.

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Case Chat

Are you using the Sugar Portal for case management and find using the Notes subpanel to be cumbersome? Look no further. This plugin provides a single view on the Case record where Notes can be created instantly by just entering a subject, description, and clicking a button.

Noteworthy Features

  • Visualizes the series of Notes attached to Cases as a conversation in a chat window

  • Clear overview of the back-and-forth communication and clear separation between messages with the (external) customer and (internal) collaborators - and which messages came from you versus others.

  • Easy to edit or delete a message (Note) without having to navigate to a Note record view

  • Multiple attachments are supported and a template function makes it easy to answer frequently asked questions.

  • The attachments provided by you and the Sugar Portal contact can easily be downloaded via paperclip icons

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