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Find Duplicates BEFORE You Save! Instead of waiting until after you enter a new record's information to know if it's a duplicate, know after the first field if you're working on a duplicate. Say NO to redundant data! Improve your SugarCRM data quality by being prompted of duplicate values while creating new records.

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#2245 - Dupdetector config doesn´t work

Closed Bug? created by felipesilvaluco Verified Purchase 6 years ago

Hi, I just purchase the add-on and I can´t config the module. I can only select the module and check the 'prevent submit' checkbox, but the 'EditView' and the 'QuickCreateView' doesn´t work. The console of chrome shows error in 'field_layout.js', the logo file, and another .js file. Regards, Felipe

  1. felipesilvaluco member avatar

    felipesilvaluco Verified Purchase

    6 years ago

    The add is installed in Suite CRM Versión 7.5.3 (Sugar Versión 6.5.23). This is our test site

  2. urdhvatech member avatar

    urdhvatech Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Hello felipesilvaluco,

    Thank you for using our add-on. We have tested add-on with same version of SuiteCRM and it seems working fine. It could be an issue of permission. Can you please verify it ? It still it doesn't work, feel free to get in touch over skype. Our skype id is urdhvatech

    Thanks & Regards, Team Urdhva Tech

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