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#2453 - Multiple feilds

Closed General Question created by Paul Bonnallie 5 years ago

I have just installed and I do not see how to configure if 2 separate fields need to match, example. I want to prevent a duplicate address and have to match both the address and the zip code in order to block saving. (example: there could exist more than one 123 main street, but not in the same zip code) How do I do this, when I enter more than one field into the admin section, it appears to operate on a OR parameter vs an AND parameter for the match. Please advise

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    urdhvatech Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for using our product. The duplicate check is done on each field marked to check for duplicates in admin wizard. That means if there are 2 fields marked to check duplicates, it will check individually per field, and not in combination with (AND/OR).
    We have understood your requirement, but in order to give it a general solution could affect some customization which people might have done. If your requirement is to validate certain fields in common for specific modules, We can give you a customized solution.
    You can get in touch with us on skype : urdhvatech

    Thanks & Regards,
    Team Urdhva Tech

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  • "This application is just what we are looking for. Duplication is such a huge issue with CRM systems and can be a nightmare to manage and fix. With this plugin, we save time and notify people that the entry already exists. The customer service and support have been outstanding."

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