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Dynamic Target Lists for SugarCRM enables users to AUTO populate Target Lists based on one or more pre-defined conditions. This module keeps your Target Lists up to date and relevant.

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Installation Guide

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Whilst this module is upgrade safe, do back up your site before applying this installation. Installation of this module is at your own risk and FibreCRM takes no responsibility for loss of data or disruption in operation.
Installation Process
Once you add the Dynamic Target List module to your cart on and pay using either your Credit Card or PayPal, you will be redirected and provided a license key. You will use this license key later in the installation process.
Having downloaded the module proceed to the Module Loader in SugarCRM.

Step 1 – Access SugarCRM Module Loader
Step 1

Step 2 – upload module zip file    
Step 2

Step 3 – Install module
Step 3

Step 4 – Continue to license entry
Step 4

The module is now installed. However for it to work you will need to apply your license key if you have one. If you have a key apply it now or if not then you can add it later from the Admin module.

Step 5

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  • "This add on is great. It continuously updated my target list based on the report criteria - as the records were updated or added/removed from the report. The support team is very responsive and super helpful!"

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