No One Wants to Deal With the Hassle of Software

Posted by on April 21, 2015
Who wants to deal with software? No one! Not only can it be distracting to your job, but it can be downright annoying to deal with. The worst is trying to install it and you can't even get that to work! Finally when something does install and later breaks it feels like everyone has abandoned you. There's no one around to help you out. Now you are left paying a large amount of money with nothing to show for it and no help to be found. This is why we founded SugarOutfitters. We understand how important the right software can be to your business and how critical it is that it works exactly how you expect it to.

A Better Way to Do Email With Yathit and Gmail

Posted by on April 20, 2015
Although SugarCRM has an email client, it lacks the power of Google Gmail. Thanks to YatHit InboxCRM you can create, edit and delete contacts, notes, meetings, leads and more without leaving Gmail. Best of all, you can send SugarCRM email templates and track email opens from inside Gmail!

Developers: Go to Market Faster by Using Our Platform

Posted by on April 20, 2015
A lot of effort goes into launching a new product. Especially a new product that is an add-on to SugarCRM. Executing on your product idea is hard enough. You don’t need to waste additional resources on operational pieces that are not core to your business. You need to get your idea out there as soon as possible to not only prove the idea, but to help iterate on it; to find that perfect market fit.

How the New SugarExchange Affects Us at SugarOutfitters

Posted by on April 13, 2015
If you have been to the SugarExchange website lately you most likely noticed a message at the top about a new SugarExchange. While many of the details of the new SugarExchange are still unknown at this time there are some things that we do know. Mainly that it doesn't affect our mission and purpose which is to bring a personal level of attentiveness to you and your business.

Manage Your Opportunities With Cards

Posted by on March 16, 2015
The best way to speed up your workflow is with simple and effective tools. Visual Sales Pipeline from Eligeo is designed to give you a picture of the stages of all your opportunities and revenue items at once. Say goodbye to browser tabs or your back button, and see your sales from a configuration-free, 10,00-foot view.

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