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People are constantly sending emails. Add this to your install to make that process faster by adding signature templates. This add-on allows administrators to streamline E-Mail signature management and to establish consistency in messages.

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"E-Mail Signature Manager Module" was designed with the objective of allowing administrators to centrally manage the E-Mail signatures of their users. Your company can now have a consistent format and messaging across your business.


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If you are looking for a simple yet powerful tool for admin efficiency and message consistency "E-Mail Signature Manager Module” is for you!

  1. Administrators spend less time for repetitive manual work like creating E-Mail signatures for their user base. An example: 5 minutes per user / signature x 25 users = 120 minutes deployment with Signature Manager = 5 minutes Possible saving every time a signature needs to be rolled out for all users = 115 minutes

  2. Standardized signatures helps you to communicate more consistence messages to you customers and prospects. It works right from the E-Mails subpanel for Contacts, Leads, etc.

  3. Ready after installation. Easy to learn and use.

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