Update: View Account to Account Hierarchy Along With Contacts

Posted by on August 22, 2019
At long last you can now get a wholistic view of an organization by viewing Account-Account hierarchy and related Contacts at the same. This is the most asked for feature for this add-on and it will give your users much better information.

Ensure That Your CRM Initiative Remains Successful With This Plugin

Posted by on August 20, 2019
CRM rollouts don't end at go-live. It takes ongoing, intentional work to ensure long term success. Synolia knows this up close and to help with that they have created a solution that helps you know when your CRM users are getting frustrated and need some help. This open communication helps you to then address those lingering issues so that they can be successful.

Send DocuSign Docs From SugarCRM for Signing Contracts, NDAs, Agreements, and More

Posted by on July 23, 2019
E-signature solutions are a must these days for managing any document requiring a signature. Utilizing these solutions can greatly reduce the hassle and time to get key agreements signed and executed. DocuSign is a very popular signing solution and for good reason. And with this integration you can utilize DocuSign templates within SugarCRM and map fields between your docs and SugarCRM fields.

Bring in LinkedIn Profiles to SugarCRM Leads

Posted by on July 15, 2019
Using the new Chrome extension by Dreamer Technologies, you can copy over any connections or contacts in LinkedIn as a SugarCRM lead. It works with the latest LinkedIn UI and with Sugar On Demand. This reduces the copy/paste process by making it a single click to load a lead form and then another to save it to the CRM.

High-Level Overview of Mailchimp Combined With SugarCRM

Posted by on July 12, 2019
Check out this new high-level overview video of SugarChimp, the Mailchimp and SugarCRM integration. Learn how combining Mailchimp with SugarCRM using SugarChimp gives you a bi-directional integration between your CRM and Mailchimp.

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