If you are new to the SugarOutfitters marketplace, you may not know that we offer a popular Affiliate Program. Essentially, we set up qualified resellers for success with several perks to help them test and recommend the best-fit SugarCRM add-ons for their clients. Below, we've compiled the top reasons why you and your teammates may want to consider applying to join our network of partners.

SugarOutfitters Affiliate Program could be your new side hustle

1. You are a SugarCRM implementor actively working with clients

Whether you're a solo developer or you're part of a larger consulting firm, you likely need to find and recommend unique plugins and integrations that can best serve your customers' needs with SugarCRM. If you're already relying on SugarOutfitters as your go-to marketplace, you might as well get rewarded for your recommendation efforts.

2. You want to earn money for your research, product testing, and advice

As an affiliate, you can earn 10% of all sales, not just for the initial purchase, but for the lifetime of each active product subscription (after it clears our 30-day refund window).

There are two ways to get credit:

1) You can purchase and manage products on behalf of your clients using your store account 2) Your clients can purchase products directly on SugarOutfitters using your special affiliate link (with tagged code) that you send their way. Whenever someone clicks on the link, we will associate that click to your code. All future purchases from that click will then automatically be credited to you.

However you choose to sell, our team is here to help ensure your affiliate code is properly applied, should you have any questions or concerns.

SugarOutfitters Affiliate Program resellers

3. You can benefit from free product demo keys for testing various Sugar add-ons

As an implementor, developer, or CRM specialist, you often need to trial and test different solutions first before you can demo them with your client base. As one of our partners, you can request and receive free demo keys for any active product available on our marketplace. Get familiar with the latest and greatest SugarCRM-compatible solutions so you can educate your customers, close more deals, and keep building your affiliate sales side hustle.

4. You would like to generate leads and more business

Using your unique affiliate link, you will know who used your code and when they used it. This is a great resource for reaching out to check in, offer help, or chat about additional services with new or existing clients. Below are some easy marketing ideas for using your affiliate link:

  • Send out an email campaign
  • From your website link to any SugarOutfitters product
  • Offer implementation and support services to that product from your website
  • Send out a link via email to a prospect to help close a deal
  • Share links via social media to products, blog posts, etc.

Hey, I'm a great match. How do I apply?

Head on over to our Affiliate Program page to review the full details and click the yellow "Register Now" button to start the application process. We look forward to learning more about you, your business, and how we can possibly partner with each other.