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QuickCRM Mobile gives you access to Sugar ® or SuiteCRM on your mobile, your tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android) or your laptop with QuickCRM native apps available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

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#4519 OEM - Do you guys do an OEM version of this. I know competitors will allow you to rebrand and set up the a davidbass Open Feature
#4518 Encryption - Hi, is there any data encryption going on with the synced offline data. Thanks davidbass Open Bug?
#4334 QuickCRM for sugarcrm 6.2.4 - Hello, We need QuickCRM for sugarcrm 6.2.4.. Do we need the release Quickcrm por this sugarcrm sociocol Open General Question
#4077 QuickCRM inactive - QuickCRM apps stopped working because license seems to be invalid. I have 15-16 users dependent on t Jerash Drug Store - Jordan Open Bug?
#4012 Blank Detail view Results on Mobile - Have the latest 5.4.3 update on the Server and the latest update on the mobile, I have synced all co george2 Open Bug?
#4000 add user - I am trying to add a user on my system and when I update the number of users is asking me to pay for george2 Open General Question
#3814 Cancel QuickCRM subscription - I no longer run my CRM server and like to cancel this subscription funknor Open Bug?
#3794 Changed payment type - I changed from monthly billing trial to yearly billing trial and got a "new" registration code. Whe michaelji Open Installation
#3600 Incomplete display of all accounts - When I click on Accounts on the main screen the only accounts that are displayed are** favorites** a cpaceba Open Bug?
#3559 Get coordinates from the iOS device or Android - Hi. We've been testing the app for a while and we are very pleased with its performance and function davidospinav Open Feature
#3549 QuickCRM Mobile App configuration - We use Suite CRM installed on a Windows 2008 R2 server. We want to try the mobile app QuickCRM, so w michaelb Open Installation
#3527 automatic synchronization - the app for IOS and Android have a automatic synchronization and push notifications? I need to be Roberto Open General Question
#3508 Does this app works offline or online? - Hi Team, I want to ask very generic question. Does this app works offline or online? And from ou Sohaib Majeed Open General Question
#3495 Number of Licenses, General question - Hi, I can restrict the number of users to use this APP and only can only pay for limited users. Is shaveekapoor Open General Question
#3487 Trial code on Mobile App - What is the trial code for me to use on Mobile CRM . Its asking for a trial code and the license key shaveekapoor Open General Question
#3482 Getting error while installing trial version - I am trying to install this on 6.5 and getting below error Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/a9kpf shaveekapoor Open Bug?
#3459 Quick CRM is not working - I contacted support at quickcrm and I am not getting replies after a few small emalis. I am trying t anatolykrush Open Bug?
#3404 Module loader blank - I clicked on install but after that I got a "module loader" blank. Any idea was went wrong? mvergara Open Installation
#3313 Support for version 7? - Hi. We are well into version 7. Is this coming any time soon? Thanks Tom sbsadmin Open Feature
#3301 Add audio note not working - Hello. The app works great but if I select contact, account, lead, etc and try to add an audio note johnmurray Open Bug?
#3134 Call Reports Not Allowing Dates or Time - Just update the app and now when we try to enter a call report, the start date shows time and not da hmilby Closed Bug?
#3113 unexpected error: permission error on mobile install - Hi , the installation on crm is ok but we cannot install on mobile galaxy s6 , know what we doing Stefano1 Open Installation
#2977 New install issue - I had a previous installation that worked great. I've updated suiteCRM with a new install and uninst larryrudd Open Installation
#2767 user password incorrect - Hi we get usr passwd incorrrect even if they are correct we did copy and paste the data to be s Stefano Open Bug?
#2757 additional custom features - General Information Hello, we`re testing your application for our real estate agency mrlegeo Open Feature
#2709 Does Not Work Cant Log In - When I installed the app I tried to log in from our device . We reiceved an error and we couldn't lo whosemail Open Bug?
#2697 An unnespected error when I try to log in from Laptor or mobile - Hi as the subject says am not able to log in from neither laptop or mobile . trial licence is activa whosemail Open Bug?
#2695 An unnespected error when I try to log in from Laptor or mobile - Hi as the subject says am not able to log in from neither laptop or mobile . trial licence is activa whosemail Open Bug?
#2696 An unnespected error when I try to log in from Laptor or mobile - Hi as the subject says am not able to log in from neither laptop or mobile . trial licence is activa whosemail Open Bug?
#2435 QuickCRM not connecting to SuiteCRM - I have installed QuickCRM on Android and IOS. When i try to connect to the SuiteCRM server i get the jrmutengera Closed Bug?
#2343 Configuration problem - we had installed the rtgsync plugin and alloted to 1 user , we are not able to see the configuration msh Open Installation
#2330 Can't install, module uploaded ok. - Display Log Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/DocaBH/mobile to mobile bogdandodu Open Installation
#2120 quickcrm installation issues - can't upload image here to help describe problem.. (error - invalid backend response). can't see stephengschultz Closed Installation
#1936 Fields from relations dont show - Dear Support Satff When I go to vew contiguration in the in the diplayed fields of the module. Does ana.fajardo Open Feature
#1935 Subpanels dont show - Dear Support Staff When I go to the Vews Configutarion --> Displayed Subpanels. The option to drag ana.fajardo Closed Feature
#1919 I can not complete the correctly installation of Quick CRM - Dear SugarOutfitters Staff I try to install the app but in the midle of the installation I got a wh ana.fajardo Closed Installation
#1918 GPS record position iwrh Quick CRM - Dear support staff. I would like to know if its possible to record the coordinates of the differen ana.fajardo Open General Question
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