How often do you find yourself on your smartphone? Maybe you find yourself needing to manage leads, contacts, and other data on the go or perhaps you’re at a convention with spotty internet and can’t access your leads and contacts, or you’re the kind of person who pulls out your phone to view Facebook while visiting on your computer, then you will appreciate QuickCRM.

QuickCRM fills a gap in SugarCRM 6 that is sorely needed. Mobile-friendly SugarCRM is a feature that was only available to those who upgraded to SugarCRM 7, but with QuickCRM that is not the case. With a no-nonsense and speedy interface you can manage all your data right on your Android or iOS device at a great price.

The home screen, like SugarCRM, is customizable. You can save searches, shortcuts to your favorite modules, and even put dashlets on the home page, just like the main application. Should you require offline access, QuickCRM can sync a copy of what you need right to your phone, perfect for conventions and places with slow or terrible internet.

QuickCRM Screenshot

The QuickCRM app makes it easy to navigate around your CRM. You are always a couple taps away from the home screen, or pulling up a list of all your modules, or performing a search. If you use documents heavily, you’ll find QuickCRM’s file attachment to be a lifesaver. Additionally, QuickCRM will overlay your phone’s calendar appointments with your SugarCRM meetings so that you don’t double-book yourself.

QuickCRM Editing records

Want to alter the look of the app? That’s not a problem. Like SugarCRM, if you don’t enjoy the app’s appearance or behavior you can customize and theme it or even add new features. QuickCRM provides extensive documentation on ways to make your SugarCRM instance even more mobile-friendly such as changing the appearance of fields or even removing them from edit or detail views entirely.

If you are not able to upgrade to SugarCRM 7, or just trying to save money with the free license, you’ll save time and money with QuickCRM and take care of business while on the road, standing in line, or networking. Plus with a yearly license you can save over 15% of the monthly price for each user. Give it a try for free for 30 days and see what QuickCRM can do for you.